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Dead Method Set To Release New Album “Future Femme” – Due 1st July | Album Feature

June 28, 2022
Photography by Jonathan Daniel Pryce

Dead Method Set To Release New Album “Future Femme”

Due 1st July

Dead Method has announced the release of his new album ‘Future Femme’ due out this Friday, 1st July. The new record was produced by Edward Russell (Inside The Groove), the album is described as a reinvention of Dead Method’s signature witty pop motif that explores his experiences as an LGBTQ+ artist, and features collaborations with MADITRONIQUE, Jack Rua, and Brendan Maclean, as well as a mixture of English and Welsh language lyrics.

Opener Femme unleashes the most ferocious energy instantly (a trait impressively captured throughout the record), dazzling notes lead into the truly immersive vocal notes cutting into the dense atmosphere. This grand nature exudes from the vibrant course of this ensemble whilst the vocal harmonies keep the audience fixated on the fearless approach and cathartic confidence arising from the growing and sonically alluring soundscape. The deceptively upbeat ethos that rises becomes the ultimate hook. Connect with Femme. From this mammoth opener, Rat Race follows and channels a more abrasive, darker tonality, a nod to industrial influence. The lyrics which flow courageously capture intimacy and pain hand in hand. Whilst the sincerity of the affection charges this exploration, Dead Method stitches together the very personal fabric into this ardent composition whilst offering ethereal, softer melodies amongst the more brooding beats.

As the album flows, each track launches into this popspectrum of variety. No ambiance like the last, each unique and resonating with the vast range of emotion embedded in all.

Elsewhere on the record, Iconique captures the sonic strength of this musician, choosing passages that flourish and bring intensity to those with more space, minimal instrumentation, while the attention and energy focuses on those vocal tones that scour such breadth. The track with lyrics that ultimately solidifies the evolvement of this artist, iconic. Then just like that, an abrupt change to direction with Cosmic Saviour. feat Jack Rua, easily one of the most addictive releases on the record- a masterpiece. This mammoth ensemble showcases the dynamic, ambitious pop setting and raw lyrics. The beats collide, and the angular tones and plentiful attributes help shape this electrifying ensemble. Shimmering textures are prevalent throughout this vibrant composition. A nod to the best of the early 90s dance scene mirrors the impressive energy and boisterous beats which keep the momentum on a high throughout. The record ends on the dramatic journey of Marwolaeth, a softer yet rich hit from this musician. Ending the record with a celebrated, smoother, Welsh lyric-focused arrangement. The choice of tonality and the emotive-led harmonies expand on the charismatic qualities of Dead Method. A gripping closer with this grandeur of striking textures and one epic crescendo.

The forthcoming 12-track album explores a very raw vision delivered with this signature euphoria embellished within every detail. Dead Method consumes the audience with this critical collection. A record that enthralls with such explosive electronica and immersive lyrics, Dead Method brings this pop-inspired influence to unite serious subjects as they fuse those matters with elevated pop architecture. Dead Method threads ample experimental attributes to this impeccable vision and fearless execution. An album that can be embraced, shared, loved, moved to, and connected with by all. A record that cherishes the evolution of Dead Method, progressively perfecting their ability to explore this colourful landscape whilst adapting and maturing creatively and affectionately.

We previously stated that Dead Method’s vision feels more like hypnotic art, that conviction stands, what a powerful record.

Pre-save the record here – https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/deadmethod/future-femme


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