Circuit Sweet based between Herefordshire and Worcestershire is a website and company that started in 2009. The site was initially set up following the founders’ personal involvements in band management, artist promotion and also being active members of their local music community. The site set out with the intention to promote/feature artists and also bands under the management of Naomi Preece and Co-Contributor Oli Montez. Circuit Sweet scales the country’s live scenes to connect you with more talent.

Since then Circuit Sweet has come to manage multiple bands and others from as far as America; providing their services as UK artist liaison to international act’s.  The pair are regularly sent off to gigs nationwide to cover events in-depth with live gig photography and exclusive recordings of performances that are later followed up with a live review/feature.

Circuit Sweet has it’s own online record shop shop delivering more talent in a physical form worldwide- from Circuit Sweet’s own releases to notable DIY labels‘; a boutique of one off releases, EP’s, Singles, Albums, Merchandise, Art and more- another venture to promote great ingenuity . The shop is run with Good old fashioned DIY mentality, specialising in independent music and merchandise (all of which found on the site). http://circuitsweet.bigcartel.com/

Alongside all of this Circuit Sweet offers kickstarter services such as budget photoshoots, artist development, music videos and video shoots. These services are on your doorstep.

For 6 years the pair have teamed up with Worcester based SLAP MAG- the free local music and arts magazine which they’ve distributed each month across Herefordshire.




We would love to hear from you – whether you are looking for a gig photographer, videographer, somewhere to send your press releases’, distribution deals, new video’s, singles or more contact us and we will get back to you.