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kabbel Shares New Track and Video For “Wave”- Beck Cover

June 28, 2022

kabbel Shares New Track and Video For “Wave”

Beck Cover

Kabbel has returned with the deeply moving cover of Beck‘s Wave. Following last years’ impressive and absolutely essential 4-track EP “End Of Norms”, Gregory Hoepffner returns under his alter ego kabbel to showcase this touching ensemble. The French Multi-instrumentalist has been expressing himself through countless musical identities for 20 years. Currently, Gregory is part of these impressive outfits- Almeeva, Jean Jean, SURE., or Juni (ex-Kid North) and of course his solo efforts in the devouring formation of kabbel.

This new single is accompanied by a sublime live session video filmed on the banks of the Fier river in Haute-Savoie. A natural environment which the artwork echoes in many ways: This photo has an underlying ambiguity that feels both poetic and realistic to me: it’s unclear if the person is rising to the surface, or choosing to sink. That’s exactly why I liked this song so much. This feeling of floating in limbo, filled with melancholy, but also with sweetness.

Gregory could only call upon his talented entourage for this artwork. In this case, his friends from SURE. Nicolas Di Vincenzo, who took the photo, and Michael Szpiner, who is the model. A trustworthy team completed by Edouard Lebrun, Jean Jean’s drummer, to whom we owe this continuous shot filmed by drone.

Clément Duboscq 

Listen to the new release and watch the equally hypnotizing film below:

kabbel‘s touch brings this enthralling and enveloping exploration to new dramatic heights. A thrilling journey, poignant, touching and filled with this expressive path, the emphasis of the power is highlighted in the volatile vocal notes.

Reflective in the film and so crucial to the vivid journey, “isolation”– that term, that word, that feeling intelligently weaves through the ensemble, from the repeated lyrics to the immense power the solo vocal notes bring to the arrangement, soaring above the complex electronica surging under those deep harmonies. With brash hits and darker industrial tones creating the challenging atmosphere, it’s the connection from the artist to the audience that embraces such a consuming role.

Your first listen will leave you reeling from the astounding ambiance and alluring energy effortlessly captured in this rendition. What a visionary artist, taking on a creation from an icon’s catalogue.

Stream: https://orcd.co/kxlgzyp



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