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Watertown Carps Release New Single “Wait and See” Out via Rose Parade Recording Co. | Single Special

August 19, 2021

Watertown Carps Release New Single “Wait and See” Out via Rose Parade Recording Co.

Watertown Carps have released their new single “Wait and See” on the Cardiff-based independent label Rose Parade Recording Co. The new single is the second track to be taken from the duo’s forthcoming debut album “Mermaids” which is due out in September.

Wait and See” is described as one of the album’s more upbeat installments, invoking the uncluttered country pop and indie folk vibes of Bonnie Prince Billie, Lucinda Williams and early Wilco. The song is a flashback to the journey that preceded the fishing trip. It’s not about the destination – you will get there when you get there – but the uncomplicated time and space on the road for contemplation and reconnection.

The song’s simple, spacious, unlaboured arrangement provides the passing scenery for chief songwriter Yo Zushi’s narrative: “’Wait and See’ is a road trip – a conversation between two people in the front of a car that’s baking in the sun. One of them doesn’t want to talk but needs to. The other has been listening to old Box Tops songs and sometimes drifts dangerously off into scenes from Every Which Way But Loose that even Clyde knew were too much. The radio is tuned to a local station; Charlie Parker, the Yardbird, blowing weird notes that fall into place like they’d always been there. The passenger looks out of the window and sees whatever you want to see. You’re the passenger. You’re the driver and the car and even the half-finished cans of flat Coke on the dashboard.”

Watertown Carps build this poignant and vivid ambiance for the new single. With the immersive instrumentation that includes the sweeter guitar notes cascading across the prominent percussive elements- distinct beat and punchy shuffles before mid-way the electronic guitar becomes the focal point as it breaks out and allows the tonality to dazzle and reinforce the atmospherical allurement of this release. Utilizing a range of American influences and forging this contemporary pathway.

The emotional enhancement of this release exudes from the vocal notes that become the backbone of this ensemble. The lyrics and vocal notes provide this clear, visual, and affectionate influence into the mix. The delivery of the lyrics showcases this standout self-assured harmonic range.

‘”Wait and See” is a truly moving arrangement. It delivers a world that ranges from melancholic influence to magnetic melodies. The second track that Watertown Carps has released from their forthcoming album and already this outfit has offered this wealth of intelligent, imaginative, and meaningful musical explorations.

Watertown Carps is the exciting new collaboration between Japanese indie-folk musician Yo Zushi and producer/multi-instrumentalist Ross Palmer. Zushi has released acclaimed solo albums on labels such as Eidola and Pointy Records; among the artists he has supported on the road are Joanna Newsom, Scritti Politti, Patrick Wolf and Micah P Hinson.

The new single is taken from the upcoming debut album “Mermaids” which will be released in September of this year by Rose Parade Recording Co.

Twitter: @CarpsWatertown

Instagram: @watertowncarps


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