Uniform Choice: Southern Lord prepares iconic album, Screaming For Change for deluxe LP reissue, preorders posted

December 12, 2016

  One of the greatest American Hardcore releases of the 1980s gets the deluxe Southern Lord reissue treatment, with the January re-release of the landmark Screaming For Change classic album by Uniform Choice.
  Screaming For Change was the debut album from Orange County, California’s godfathers of positive hardcore, Uniform Choice. Furious hardcore energy and a signature vocal delivery combine with empowering lyrical output to formulate one of the most renowned and longstanding albums of the ‘80s hardcore scene. Originally released in 1986 on the band’s own Wishingwell Records label. Vocalist Pat Dubar recently contacted Southern Lord with the desire to have an official re-issue of the classic album “done right” for their fans. After several unauthorised, completely sub-par bootlegs appeared Pat wanted a definitive version released to set the record straight!
  The fourteen straightedge anthems on this essential piece of hardcore history has been remastered from the original tapes by Brad Boatright (Excel, Nails, High on Fire, YDI, Brotherhood), and the elaborate packaging includes a 8-page 12”x12” booklet bound into a Stoughton tip-on gatefold jacket. There are a ton of amazing, never-before published photos from the personal archives of the members of Uniform Choice and their friends, liner notes by long time Orange County Hardcore head Casey Jones.  This is a very special release that is not to be missed!
  Uniform Choice’s Screaming For Change will hit independent retails stores and available through usual digital channels (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify) on January 20th, 2017.  Preorders for the deluxe LP on six different colors of vinyl – including several limited edition colour variants available exclusively from Southern Lord – as well as newly reprinted versions of the band’s classic merch designs are available via the Southern Lord store.
Screaming For Change Track Listing:
1. Use Your Head
2. My Own Mind
3. Straight And Alert
4. Build To Break
5. Scream To Say
6. Once I Cry
7. Sometimes
8. Screaming For A Change
9. No Thanks
10. A Choice
11 Big Man, Small Mind
12. Don’t Quit
13. In Time
14. Silenced

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