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Tacsidermi Return With New Single “Ble Pierre” – Out via Libertino Records | Single Special

August 19, 2021

Tacsidermi Return With New Single “Ble Pierre”

Out via Libertino Records

In December of 2020, Tacsidermi released their triumphant debut single ‘Gwir‘ via Libertino Records, in doing so the duo threw this curveball into the mix by releasing such a promising debut they were bound to be a late contender for the release of the year lists!

After that outstanding debut, Tacsidermi have now returned with their new single “Ble Pierre” and those 8 months have made us miss the work of this promising pair.

Consisting of Gwenllian Anthony from the Welsh Music Prize winning band Adwaith and multi-instrumentalist Matthew Kilgariff, the outfit have returned with “Ble Pierre” which has been described as every note played is powerfully evocative of never-ending, carefree summers and romantic escape and wonder.

Tacsidermi with the support of David Newington (Boy Azooga) on drums and mixing by Matthew Evans (KEYS) find a perfect marriage of Jane Birkin / Serge Gainsbourg 60s French pop, Stereolab’s 90s dreaminess and The Happy Mondays, Paul Oakenfold infused Balearic heartbeat.

Immediately the punchy drum beat initiates the proceedings and brings with it this plehtoa of stunning textures. Chorus-driven notes cascade in this sweet fashion into the alluring atmopshere before Gwenllian’s delicate yet distrinct vocal harmonies add this personal attribute to the charming creation. The ensemble is fully immersed in the mesmerizing swirling guitar noise. The bass notes emerge and add this bolting low-end infliction on the sunny output of this track.

As the single transitions and the brooding vocal notes of Matthew emerge, this contrast between the dual-vocal notes add this diverse divide into the atmosphere. The musicians add their mark to the world they’ve crafted and both bring unique emotional influence within their harmonies. In it’s entirety hypnotic, charming and showcasing this world that radiates.

The burning intensity of this ensemble adds such a complex layer to the immersive track. The etheral tones and the overall vibe shouts summer vibes and sculpts the overall mood of the music that reflects into the audiences world. The originality of Tacsidermi simply impresses throughout. The atmopshere that has been created with Ble Pierre” offers this uniquely cinematic scene, reflected into the accompanying film.




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