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PHORIA Announce New Album ‘Caught a Black Rabbit’ Out November 13th on Akira Records – Listen To New Single ‘Current’

July 22, 2020

PHORIA Announce New Album ‘Caught a Black Rabbit’ Out November 13th on Akira Records

Listen To New Single ‘Current’

Known for icy shades of electronica and boundary-pushing experimentation with sound, Phoria’s debut Volition was a masterclass in the art of intimate song writing, executed with incredible precision. The five-piece group have now returned with a surprising change of pace; new single ‘Current’ is an abstract contemporary classical piece, out today. It’s the first official single to be released from their freshly announced second album Caught a Black Rabbit, out November 13th on Akira Records.

“We all have hidden depths, through which our vulnerable excitement flows…sometimes a storm will brew and the glassy surface that hides it all is disturbed” said Trewin Howard, describing the new single.

When sequencing the record, we came to consider Current as the centre piece of the album. It seemed to represent a bridge between the harmonic sensibilities of Volition, with the more ambitious arrangements that typify Caught A Black Rabbit”

It started off as a demo Trewin played on cello many years ago “..but we never could imagine a way to fit it on an album” he continues. “The freedom of abandoning the restrictions of genre for Caught a Black Rabbit meant we finally had a home for this piece. The feeling of it coming to life in Abbey Road Studios was one we’ll remember forever.”

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios with an array of talented musicians including a 12 piece ensemble, and the return of founding band member Jeb Hardwick (who briefly departed after their debut), the piece really sung in those hallowed halls. The band, at last reunited, understood the true value of their musical connection, which spans 25 years. “I’ve learned that we just have this shared vision of what music is, and what it should do to people. Whatever animal Phoria is, it requires all of us to release it.”

The new single is a euphoric piece, it’s tentative and builds on the emotional appeal carefully crafted. “Current” will move you, it exudes charm, raw passion, and delicate instrumentation. This gentle piece weaves subtle textures together before layered keys and strings join forces to sway the arrangement into the depth of its creative emotive intensity. It’s a harrowing orchestration, a feeling of courage shines deep within this elegant track. This is such a beautiful and powerful release.

Formed 25 years ago at primary school in Salisbury, the bonds that tie Trewin Howard, Ed Sanderson, and Jeb Hardwick together run deep. By the age of eight, Howard and Sanderson were playing violin and cello together; by ten, they’d formed their first band. They were joined by Seryn Burden in 2011 and James Cheeseman in 2016. Yet while music has been a constant in their lives, they’ve been guided by the principle of only releasing when it felt right. When it felt special. “It’s very hard to put together music that you’re really, really, pleased with,” says Howard. “That’s how it should be. ”


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