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Eades Release New EP “Abstract Education’- Out Now Via Heist or Hit

May 3, 2021
Photo Credit: Devon Chambers

Eades Release New EP “Abstract Education’- Out Now Via Heist or Hit 

Leeds quintet Eades release new EP Abstract Education’ via Manchester label Heist or Hit (Her’sPizzagirlHannah’s Little Sister).

Abstract Education’ is the band’s second EP, following a 2020 debut that earned praise from, amongst many others – FADERNME and DIY at press and BBC 6 Music (Steve Lamacq), Radio 1 (Jack SaundersGemma Bradley) and KCRW on the airwaves. It’s an invigorating collection of songs – paying homage to various guitar traditions whilst not taking itself too seriously.

Across six tracks the band veer between spiky art-rock, gritty post-punk and buoyant New Wave – all whilst keeping their tongues firmly in cheek. Songs spiral in a maelstrom of chaotic energy – with parts miraculously interlocking to generate an invigorating whole. The unshakable feeling is that Eades are a gang, who have each other’s back.

Abstract Education Track Listing

  1. Smoking Hour
  2. Present In The Moment
  3. Coltrane
  4. Laptop’s Glow
  5. 27 Years
  6. Former Warnings Cluster

The entire EP showcases Eades‘ unique and captivating energy that just shimmers throughout the record.

Smoking Hour” kicks off the EP’s proceedings. This piercing feedback emerges and becomes this carefully controlled yet fierce infliction the release. The rolling rhythm emerges against the scratchy guitar and the delirious vocal harmonies, this ensemble embraces this mighty groove which pushes the release into new depths. There’s this brit-pop influence to the care-free vocal notes and the more-ish melody. The experimental tendencies take over the unpredictable flow when the release plummets towards this explosive section of riffs and these colliding guitar tones.

The second track, “Present In The Moment” follows. This is Eades dynamic take on biting instrumentation mixing with their raw lyrics create this necessary and compelling journey. Eades have perfected their ability to meld their musical buoyancy with a lyrical path that’s deeply relatable. Fusing this bold blend of sharp textures, piercing angular guitar notes and brash yet mighty percussive led beats that become this dense atmosphere for the vocal notes to brush against. Once again, another vivacious arrangement, the confrontational yet melody-driven vocal harmonies fusing with the glistening hooks, the combination just explodes. “Present In The Moment” presents itself as this rapturous piece, it’s brisk, it’s contagious and it showcases the power of each musician.

Coltrane” carries that vibrant percussive lead beat that went before. Precise stop-starts fuse with fuzzy feedback. A shorter and brighter track where Eades focuses on these imperative sweet explosions. That fuzzy sound reaches new heights. Whereas “Laptop’s Glow” breaks up the exploration with this experimental outburst of abrasive substance. This unruly 38-second ensemble packs such a punch and becomes this vital focal point to an EP that already covers such ground. The scratchy “27 Years” leads on.

The EP ends on closer “Former Warnings Cluster“. A daring and darting unpredictable angular explosion, Eades knows how to write compelling compositions with an insatiable hook and Former Warnings Cluster delivers just that. Eades have created this dramatic creation which fills their immersive vision with infectious riffs and gripping angular infliction piercing through the aura. A fierce drummer pushing the ferocious momentum with the dedicated beats and fills and precise stop-starts, continuously working hard to gain traction and adding in some key cowbell to create a lasting feel-good atmosphere. This is such a vivacious arrangement, the confrontational yet melody-driven vocal harmonies fusing with the glistening hooks, the combination just explodes.

Eades are Harry Jordan (Vocals and Guitar), Tom O’Reilly (Lead Guitar), Dave Lancaster (Bass), Dan Clifford-Smith (Drums) and Lily Fontaine (Synths, Percussion, Backing Vocals). 

Eades are ready to conquer all. An enthralling EP destined to hook you.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/EadesMusic    

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