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Langkamer Return With New Single “The Ugliest Man In Bristol” Out Now via Breakfast Records / TINA Records

May 3, 2021

Langkamer Releases New Single “The Ugliest Man In Bristol” Out Now via Breakfast Records / Tina Records

Langkamer are back and here to make their presence well known. Following what they describe as a stint in worldwide hibernation, the Bristol country-rockers have released their raucous new single “The Ugliest Man In Bristol“.

Of the new track and beneath the fire and the fuzz, there are deeper ruminations at play, with singer and drummer Joshua Jarman delivering a passionate sermon on the vagaries of self-hatred and the journey towards acceptance. By the time the final refrain arrives, the song title has become a rallying cry against both pernicious norms of beauty and our own ceaseless inner critics. As Josh himself states:

Although I did spend a long, long time hating my appearance, this track isn’t entirely about corporeal aesthetics. Ugliness is more than that. It’s in your thoughts and in your soul. It’s so easy to hate yourself, especially in our diseased society. I think that self-hate is maybe the default state for humans, and a lot of people spend their whole life trying to settle that score. This song is about the moment when you finally bury that hatchet, when you learn who you really are and say to yourself ‘I’m okay with it’. Once you do that, a lot of things start to fall into place.

Langkamer have bolted into our world to deliver this frantic, frivolous, and free new creation “The Ugliest Man In Bristol”. First listen of the new single, you’ll be instantly hooked, guaranteed this release will be on repeat for time to come. This refreshing new arrangement captures this impressive and consistent fierce energy offered up from all musicians throughout. There’s this raw edge to the united noise, Langkamer has captured this impressionable and gallant punk-inspired attitude, you embrace that fearless notion the moment all musicians pull together to deliver this immersive atmosphere.

Following the ferocious opener, that opening wall of sound gently mutes itself to allow the vocals and entwining beat to empower the more volatile parts of the structure before the intensity dynamically shifts throughout to ramp up the chaos of the consuming experimental traits. This ardent and robust fast-paced beat keeps the progressive momentum at the forefront of this track, the structure of the new vision allows this united front by the drum and bass. As the drums collide with the bass to collaborate and further push the power of this release into more complex depths whilst keeping the tempo and brooding intensity cemented throughout the course of “The Ugliest Man In Bristol”. The mighty guitar tone immediately shreds from the opening note and makes the aggressive sound a staple of this exploration. Langkamer has captured this fearless ensemble that shows their heroic take on boundaries, or lack thereof. Unpredictable crescendos, this inferno of captivating energy and intensive strides mixing with the flippant lyrics and raw undertones yet dominant vocal attributes. This release is worthy of your full attention. Langkamer have allowed this personal infliction caught in the lyrics to infuse with the music and provide a cathartic, immersive journey.

“The Ugliest Man In Bristol” – is out now via Breakfast Records + Tina Records.





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