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Death Cult Electric Share New Video For “The Fineprint”

May 4, 2021

Death Cult Electric Share New Video For “The Fineprint”

Welsh alternative noise quartet DEATH CULT ELECTRIC unleashed their hellish new single “The Fineprint” at the tail end of April. The single was released via Black Maraca Records with distribution by CD Baby released 23rd April 2021.

Following the dramatic single drop, the outfit have now released the accompanying music video. This music video is described as feeling like a trailer to 90s horror movie merged with 80s music video from the likes of Art of Noise about a businessman who lost his soul, the garish colors protrude on a back background are sure to grab your attention.

Says Steffan,  ‘The Fineprint’ is,The inner workings of a rattled yet uber confident, mystifying personality. Mad with power and wielding cosmic levels of instability. The fineprint boasts outlandish and incomprehensible proclamations. Their intentions are dangerous and psychotic. The pressure they seemed to be withstanding, is in reality insurmountable and something has to give. He should have read the fine print, but it looks pretty good to me…” 

Watch the video in full below:

DEATH CULT ELECTRIC continues to create art that is not only expressive but will play havoc with your senses. The fierce ensemble backs the new video with this raw mentality and impressionable influence. Death Cult Electric understands the visionary impact of their chaotic compositions. “The Fineprint” captures the intoxicating energy from this creative outfit and emits instantly from the new visuals. DEATH CULT ELECTRIC will get under your skin one way or another.

DEATH CULT ELECTRIC truly immerses themselves into their daring vision and in doing so creates the most ardent, aggressive yet alluring compositions of our time. They lace these gargantuan soundscapes with a more-ish melody and these clever hooks which harness your full attention throughout. With “The Fineprint“, DEATH CULT ELECTRIC solidifies their ability to build the most ferocious landscapes, this act are simply fearless, what better quality to embrace. “The Fineprint” immediately commences with this brash beat and gritty distorted tone, the impetuous structure comes into full force and opens the obnoxious emanation. Introducing the impressive vocal notes as the key addition to the aura allows for this air of aggression to cascade over the mighty notes.

Vocal notes fight against the colossal soundscape to showcase their crucial appeal. Dynamically delivering a range of tones and at its core, defiance. The vocal harmonies add this extra abrasive layer into the already dense infusion of ferocious fabric. The musicians manipulate the intensity of their creation throughout and relish within their raw attributes. DEATH CULT ELECTRIC do not shy away when it comes to producing these shattering soundscapes built on these pivotal textures. Clocking in at 3 minutes 22, the energy is so vivid and the journey feels so intense that the duration of the orchestration alludes to feeling longer, yet when silence reigns after the climactic finale, you’ll be missing the savage structure that went before.

The accompanying music video is the perfect fit for this obscure orchestration. As we’ve said before and continue to preach, once you experience the tones from DEATH CULT ELECTRIC you’ll be obsessed, once again this act propels you into an innovative and immersive experience, their intensity is unlike anything else.

DEATH CULT ELECTRIC are Steffan Pringle, Thomas Craig Beedem, Craig Shankland and Alec Rees



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