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Conius Releases Debut EP “Call And Response”

August 31, 2020

Conius Releases Debut EP “Call And Response”

Marcus Rodriguez, is the musician behind Conius. A friend of Circuit Sweet due to his previous work with North End, now Marcus has released his new solo debut EP via the moniker Conius.

The 4 track EP “Call and Response” is described as a collection of songs that traveled with Marcus as he relocated from Philadelphia to Denver. A reflection of his personal growth as a person and musician during that period. The new record is exactly that- it’s a powerful, real journey. Through the ambiance crafted by each electronic note carefully layered, through to vital sampling, the moment you press play, you too can feel the actual evolvement.

Electronic notes provide the audience a first taste and connection towards the intricate soundscape being molded, altered, and challenged throughout Call and Response”. A dynamic and bold vision that obtains an air of affection.

With the opener “Skills Worthy As A General“, the notes amp up the impression of this instrumentation with the essential use and rework of a dramatic sample. This opens up the exploration and the aura to this track. The words are striking and visual, this crucial sample assists in the intelligent craft of building such depth into this expansive atmospherical orchestration.

“Stay Low Key” feels slightly more personal within the instrumentation. More soul is being fed into this orchestration with its dynamic fusion of a classical/jazz attribute bought to life with the keys that resonate throughout the rhythm.

With the title track “Call And Response“, Conius deliberately lifts the momentum, the direction of this composition is agitated, there is a real feeling of change. This feeling is found within the tentative beat and the overall tone, “Call And Response” crafts its core with shimmering upbeat notes, this in turn projects the track with a new outlook – now this is track feels pivotal to this journey. The intricate layers and richer tones exude reflection and provide an essential listen.

Lastly, Goodbye Morning is the final track on this compelling record. The final song plays on the textures that Conius has uniquely experimented with throughout this EP.

Overall the EP in its entirety feels like a promising passage, the instrumentation captivates the audience- this is a story the audience is fully engaged and committed to. Emotive layers push through the intricate loops and colossal climatic soundscapes.

Conius is persuing a distinctive take on electronic/ambient music manipulating minimalist moments and brooding dynamics and the result is flawless.  

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