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Henrik Lindstrand Shares New Single ‘Stora Huset’ Taken From Forthcoming Album Due Via One Little Independent Records

September 1, 2020
Daniel Buchwald

Henrik Lindstrand

‘Nordhem’ released October 23rd via One Little Independent Records

New single ‘Stora Huset’ out now

Revered Swedish pianist Henrik Lindstrand presents his brand new single via One Little Independent following the announcement of his third solo album ‘Nordhem’. 

On new track ‘Stora Huset’ the listener is invited to follow a personal journey into Lindstrand’s past. He uses exquisite and elegant simplicity to recall summers spent on a countryside estate.

He explains “My mother grew up in a big mansion on the countryside. My grandfather lived there when I was a child and we used to go there every summer. Stora Huset (The Big House) was the main building. When entering the hall you saw moose antlers on the walls and it was like entering another era. This piece is a reflection of that place.”

henriklindstrand · Stora Huset

Stora Huset clocks in at a quick 2 minutes and 12 seconds, but within that time you are elevated to another existence through the emotive resonance found in each key being struck. The moment the first key is played, you are captivated- this is a powerful and striking ensemble. The atmosphere is raw and real, as the intimate orchestration consumes you, the air of this release and the emotional appeal wrap around the listener and transports you to another world. Intricate and immediate.

The forthcoming album is due October 23rd via One Little Independant Records


  1. Dungen
  2. Jum-Jum
  3. Nordhem
  4. Blå Berget
  5. Hallonlandet
  6. Gamla skolor
  7. Valborg
  8. Syrsor
  9. Stora Huset
  10. Stjärnvägar I
  11. Stjärnvägar II
  12. Portal-Neu
  13. Loranga
  14. Rest

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