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Ivan Moult Releases “What More Could I Say?” / ‘Toxic”- Out Now Via Bubblewrap Collective

August 31, 2020

Ivan Moult Releases “What More Could I Say?” / ‘Toxic”-

Out Now Via Bubblewrap Collective

Two years on from the critically acclaimed Longest Shadow LP, Ivan Moult offers up an intriguing first glimpse into his forthcoming material. Latest single ‘What More Could I Say?’ – released 14th August – showcases a subtle shift from the lovelorn purity of its predecessors.

Previously we described Ivan and his work to that of Nick Drake or Jeff Buckley‘s distinctive songwriting charm. With Ivan’s newest release we expect Ivan to be a household name such as those mentioned above. As time progresses in Ivan‘s career, his emotional connection to his orchestrations becomes somewhat invincible. A true talent who continues to craft spell-binding and rich musical tapestries, delivered with passion, soul, and a rhapsodic touch.

Moult’s well known intricate guitar plucking skills shine on “What More Could I Say?”, that effort to create such warmth within his notes is present from the get-go of the new single.

Written, recorded and mixed by Moult himself within a month during the Covid-19 lockdown, ‘What More Could I Say?’ reveals a songwriter still pre-eminently focused on the inner workings of love in all of its complexity and nuance. This time, though, where there was disquieted hurt and confusion, there’s now a begrudging, almost contented acceptance. Love, it seems, may be capable of both pain and healing.

This consuming release showcases Ivan’s ability to create a world within his outlet cascading with sincerity, pure melodies, and emotive tangents.

This entire track exudes emotion, the release embellishes the poignant and atmospherical journey both Ivan and the audience will embark on from that first note. The emotion runs so deep, the air of relatable affection and connection feels so real that the boundary between artist and audience breaks down and you bask in the intimacy of this powerful orchestration.

Whilst soft instrumentation remains at the core, the drum shuffles, and reverb resonate throughout, and the combination compliments that raw appeal. The compassionate engagement found in the brutally honest lyrics and its compelling vocal delivery simply captivates.

What More Could I Say?‘ is available through all digital retailers now, having been released on 14th August via Bubblewrap Collective, alongside an ethereal cover of Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic‘.



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