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Wot Gorilla? – And Then There Were Three/Skiddaw Single Review | Gavin Brown

May 10, 2016


Wot Gorilla?

And Then There Were Three/Skiddaw

Wot Gorilla? specialise in tense and intricate math and prog rock with a knack for melody and an off kilter amount of aggression and this two tracker showcases the bands talents and songwriting abilities in fine form. Other bands who play the same kind of music as Wot Gorilla? can sometimes forget about the melody and just go all out with showcasing their musicianship which can alienate all but hardcore fans of the genre but Wot Gorilla? have the ability to write catchy and memorable songs down to a fine art and this works extremely well and this is progressive certainly but with a keen eye for a poppy melody.

And Then There Were Three
strikes the right balance between complex rhythms without being too over complicated and that strong sense of poppy melody and some intensely passionate singing resulting in a strong outcome while Skiddaw is a collision between those math/prog flavours, the poppy melodies and even some jagged hardcore, rock and indie sensibilities mixed in there too.

Wot Gorilla? have bags of talent when it comes to playing their instruments but they also and perhaps more importantly have the songs too and both of these songs are a joy to listen to.



Words: Gavin Brown


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