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Dead Movie Animals Release Debut EP “20/20 Hindsight” – Out Now | EP Release Feature

September 8, 2023

Dead Movie Animals Release Debut EP “20/20 Hindsight”

Out Now

We kicked off the year by introducing our readers to the Norweigan outfit Dead Movie Animals and have been patiently waiting for the EP they’ve been teasing, today we can embrace their fierce new 3-track record. The duo consisting of Per Reymert on Drums, Vocals and Synth and Simen Trippestad on Guitar, Bass and Slide Guitar are now proudly celebrating the release of their incredible debut EP “20/20 Hindsight“.

Dead Movie Animals came to life as the result of two friends reminding themselves of the very first conversation they had when they were 10 years old: That they would form a band that could be their life. This is achieved as their debut EP release, a landmark release, signals a boundless vision from a duo bursting with talent. 

The EP opens with one of the most turbulent, yet triumphant compositions to embrace. A track that defines greatness through the vastness of its structure. “20/20 Hindsight” starts with some seriously deep surging synth notes, this sinister essence crafts this mighty landscape before the introduction of the blistering guitar tones. The abrasive and angular rhythms scratch through the soundscape as the notes sway from this core panning left to right. A fierce drum beat and colossal shuffle lead into the colossal flurry of this mammoth arrangement, the musicians unite and the dynamic vocal notes play in. The unpredictable journey continues to captivate with this complex appeal, addictive stop-starts and a unique brutal appeal like no other. The depth of this arrangement continues to weave such a tapestry and a wide spectrum of aggressive textures and alluring melodic hooks. The track delivers this punctuated percussive flair whilst the power of the strings surges. Dead Movie Animals have this contagious energy, whilst the adrenaline-fuelled soundscape simply explodes, the energy of these musicians strengthens, solidifies and in turn challenges their listeners.

Next up comes the single that the pair dropped at the start of the year, the track that projected the musicians onto their essential course. The ardent “A Little Darkness” kicks off with this powerful harshness, this distinct destructive tone kicks into focus from the moment you hit play, and raw tones lead the way for the pulverizing drum beat to join the vast landscape. Mesmerized by the expressive attributes that build this release, the captivating vocals soon explode. We’ve had this on repeat all year and it still sits as one of the most crucial new tracks, capturing this wealth of malevolence as the outfit produces this sonically obliterating, melodious ensemble.

Finally, the EP ends on “The Everafter“. A track that wastes no time introducing this almighty tone, gripping the audience’s attention as they grasp the enveloping exploration. Appreciating immediately the rapturous tonality, and the behemoth energy of this band, carefully captured with such sincerity throughout their recorded efforts. The final track showcases yet another vast and enigmatic landscape that so clearly conveys this crushing power of the musicians, united. As the drum beats resonate in the background, growing more defined and louder, cycling into the front position of the release. Soon the drumkit collides with the sonically-swift guitar rhythms and this shattering surge in volume moves this track to a higher level. Ferocity feeds through the arrangement and offers this battle of smashing beats and explosive resonance. Deep, gritty guitar slashes through the momentum joined with boisterous yet precise hits. The track turns with the vocal notes, they demand your full attention, fluctuating through the monolithic atmosphere and adding this melodious velocity. Let’s not forget, the volume of this track alludes to a much bigger outfit, but these two musicians give everything and create a very full, infectious, ardent arrangement.

In all, a new EP of Goliath proportions, a record that is unruly yet is destined to be celebrated for its challenging course, all whilst offering a completely rewarding experience. Dead Movie Animals have produced three tracks that resonate with some of the grandest moments of euphoria through their ferocity. A debut release that sparks such immense quality from start to finish.




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