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Jade Hairpins Announce New Album “Get Me The Good Stuff” due 13th September on Merge Records & Share New Single “Drifting Superstition”

June 26, 2024

Jade Hairpins

Announce New Album, Get Me The Good Stuff
Due 13th September on Merge Records

Jade Hairpins—the duo of Jonah Falco and Mike Haliechuk (Fucked Up)—announce their second album, Get Me the Good Stuff, arriving 13th September on Merge Records.

Leading things off is the glam- and disco-saturated “Drifting Superstition,” a song that swaggers its way into the winner’s circle on an undeniable heater of a clavichord line but is, in winking Hairpins fashion, as self-deprecating as it is anthemic. It is accompanied by a Falco-directed video, a hero’s journey wherein the hero’s only guides are empty platitudes.

Jagged electronic notes play in with the enchanting vocal melodies and the boisterous yet crisp percussive beats. The drum shuffles and the cascading guitar rhythms awash the landscape and provide this complex tonality. Hooked on the textures of this arrangement throughout, Jade Hairpins has this effortless ability to shift those textures, enhancing the depth of their sustained notes to the intensity of the delivery. Whilst the listener embraces the advantageous structure, the lyrics and vocal melody jubilantly thread this addictive focus into the voyage. Jade Hairpins create this elevated ensemble with expressive notions and a lasting influence, compelling and enthralling.

Jonah Falco on “Drifting Superstition”:

“The song is about the double dead end of not trusting yourself enough to make good decisions, musically wrapped in a Mondays-meets-Bolan, funky filo pastry. With the video I am trying to bring together a simplified and lighthearted sense of the deeper contradictions and folkloric fantasies taken from the lyrics into something in the visual world of Pet Shop Boys’ “It Couldn’t Happen Here” and Lina Wertmüller.”

Get Me the Good Stuff is an audacious record, cramming a discography’s worth of musical ideas and sonic evolution into a single LP. “Drifting Superstition” is one showpiece on an album full of them, existing, as Jade Hairpins’ best songs do, in contradiction, simultaneously taut and proudly excessive, bombastic and a little wounded.

Alongside the absurdist punksploitation romp “L.I.E.” (“Life in England”), which served as early notice of what Jade Hairpins had been cooking up following their 2020 debut Harmony Avenue, it’s a tantalizing morsel of the good stuff they’ve got in store.

Before Get Me the Good Stuff launches in September, Jade Hairpins will embark on a brief tour of the UK and Europe, with more dates to come!


Let It Be Me

Drifting Superstition

Our House That Doesn’t Change

Get Me the Good Stuff

Telltale Flyover

My Feet on Your Ground

Lost in Song


Put Me in the Picture

Better Here Than in Love

Live Free Underwater

In the Heat of the Sun

Jade Hairpins on tour:

24th August – London, UK – New River Studios
28th August – Istanbul, TR – The Wall
30th August – Yerevan, AM – Muha
31st August – Tbilisi, GE – Secret Place



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