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Porcine Release New Single and Video “Stop The World” – New Self-Titled Album due March 1st via Safe Suburban Home | Release Feature

February 14, 2024

Porcine Release New Single and Video “Stop The World”

New Self-Titled Album due March 1st via Safe Suburban Home

What better way to celebrate a month where more light is creeping in and more new records are being announced, all of which are ready to instil excitement for the upcoming year of new music.

We are delighted to share the first 2024 new release for the wonderful Safe Suburban Home Records, as they welcome Barnsley’s Porcine to their ever-evolving immense family/catalogue.

Porcine have released their new single “Stop The World“, their first track taken from the upcoming self-titled third album which is due March 1st 2024. The band have dropped a new single and video which marks their progression as an outfit, with a new line-up this stellar release will get you charged for their forthcoming 8-track release.

The new track is described as Porcine building upon the sublime slacker pop harmonics of their previous offerings with a fun, euphoric earworm. “Stop The World” is a song of juxtaposition, with mournful, melancholy lyrics delivered over a joyously shimmering pop hook.

The music video, which was filmed and directed by the band, features a myriad of clownish characters who all have a dark secret to hide. Watch below:

Bursting into its journey, the cymbal clashes count in the spirited guitar hooks and welcomes the brooding post-punk-inspired tonality. The guitar tones join the grittier textures and the embellished vocal harmonies shimmer, the vocal notes give a softer and emotive touch to the full-bodied ensemble. Porcine captures a lo-fi influence within the stirring ensemble, reflected in the instrumentation position throughout the entire recording process.

As the track moves through its volatile vision, the swirling melancholia and emotively charged yet intimate lyrics proudly showcase the strength that this outfit conveys. Porcine has released a track that captures this sweet structured melody carried by an expansive landscape oozing with plentiful textures, addictive tones and a shift within the fierce dynamics.

The lyrics and especially the chorus exude this complex character that resonates with any listener, emotionally respecting and understanding the depth of the title and the repeated line “Stop the world I’m getting off”. When the lyrics loop to that line one last time, the track shifts to this sudden forceful progression.

Where we follow the energetic guitar and pulsing drum beat, the track suddenly descends into this cosmically enthralling chaos where the intensity picks up and the instrumentation absconds to this heavier passage, we embrace the experimental elements that elevate the infectious structure, chaos pad galore.

The album was produced by Andrey Pavlovic (Allusinlove) and mastered by David Watts (The Fall, The Reytons, OMD).

Formed while ghost hunting in Barnsley market some time in 2018, Porcine are inspired by the best indie-pop and shoegaze of the 80s and 90s and release music all in the name of fun.

Let’s see Porcine on a bill with Dehd when they return to the UK.

Porcine Self-Titled Album Track Listing

Stop The World




Time Never Moves

Solid Ground

Work It Out For Yourself

Enjoy Myself

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