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Unwed Sailor Announce New Album “Underwater Over There” Due May 10th 2024 & Share New Single “Final Feather”

February 15, 2024

Unwed Sailor Announce New Album “Underwater Over There” Due May 10th 2024

& Share New Single & Video “Final Feather”

Back in 2008, having discovered “The Garden” and then later the entire album “Little Wars” from Unwed Sailor, that track truly led us upon a different path and through the world of instrumental post-rock which ultimately shaped a personal taste.

Since their formation in 1998, Unwed Sailor has continued to release some of the most powerful and progressive releases and now share details of their ninth full-length album “Underwater Over There” which is due May 10th 2024.

Following a quiet phase through much of the 2010s, they reëmerged with the aptly titled Heavy Age (2019), and two more full-lengths, Truth Or Consequences (2021) and Mute The Charm (2023), that chart a remarkable evolution of their bass-led, pop-leaning post-rock. 

Now sharing details of their forthcoming 10-track LP Underwater Over There – Tulsa, Oklahoma’s  Unwed Sailor are about to deliver a record that has a current of 80s goth and jangle-pop runs beneath a litany of memorable hooks and compositional left turns, creating a propulsive and intricate world of sound.

The first track shared from the record is “Final Feather” – watch the video below.

The key detail in all Unwed Sailor creations, and very much present from the first time you experience the new single, Unwed Sailor weave this triumphant human touch into their tonalities, their arrangements deliver soul and a vision which you can easily connect with.

Final Feather” commences with this brooding bass note accompanied by crisp percussive hits and then a layer of hazy harmonics and hooks resonating from the reverb-soaked lead guitar. That 80s description can be found in the textures of this dynamic creation. A soundscape which soon emerges as this complex yet highly melodic movement, the track and landscape shift to and from this value of lightness into more grittier, abrasive hooks. By alternating the shimmering tones and the depth of the rhythmic effects, the audience can experience that soul that makes Unwed Sailor so essential. Throughout the note placement and the chosen intensity, moving alongside the shifting structure this band tells a story, a world that captures a vast range of emotion and above all, connection; a track that says so much.

Unwed Sailor has once again produced an orchestration that values the movement of contemplative and thoughtful guitar/bass/keys layers uniting with drums and forming this placement which fits together like a puzzle. Their vivid attention to detail creates an effortless sway from ethereal and bright to moody and weighted.

Pre-Order Underwater Over There

Track Listing


Blue Tangier

Final Feather


Peculiar Way



Underwater Over There

Bend The Air





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