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Mike Lindsay (Tunng, LUMP) Announces Debut Solo Album “supershapes volume 1” out 14th June via Moshi Moshi Records & Shares New Single “lie down” Featuring Anna B Savage

February 14, 2024
Photo credit: Ollie Harrop

Mike Lindsay (Tunng, LUMP) announces debut solo album “supershapes volume 1” out 14th June via Moshi Moshi Records

New single and album opener “lie down” featuring Anna B Savage out now

Mike Lindsay – Mercury Prize-winning producer, co-founder of UK acid folktronica band Tunng, and one half of electronic alt-psych duo LUMP with Laura Marling –  announces his debut solo album ‘supershapes volume 1’, out 14th June via Moshi Moshi Records.

The first instalment in a series of records that explore “the miraculous in the mundane”, volume 1 looks widely at “everyday domestic objects, especially tables, coffee table books, and the daily rituals that shape us, heavily focusing on the majestic in the domestic”.

To mark the announcement of ‘supershapes volume 1’, Lindsay eleases the album’s opening track and first single “lie down” with guest vocals from Anna B Savage, who features heavily across the album.

Of the new single Mike Lindsay said:

“The song itself is loosely based on reverse FOMO, when you’re out every night but yearning for domestic bliss, with all the menial tasks like taking out the rubbish and watching guilty pleasure telly. There is an unsettling, never-ending cycle of sevens on this track, you never quite get to relax. Though you’re woozy from the bendy bass, wobble chords and lullaby woodwind, you’re snapped out it by fast scattered table percussion and wonk sax. The words Lie down Lie down Lie down… Are all recorded on my phone from members of my entire family at Christmas.”

At first, Lindsay had thought this first solo project of his would be purely instrumental. Then he brought in multi-instrumentalist Ross Blake, bringing breathy woodwind and soft saxophones which weaved through the analogue polyrhythmic shapes.  “I had also just worked with Robert Stillman on the Nick Drake cover of ‘Saturday Sun’ I did with Guy Garvey,” he recalls. “Robert is an incredible saxophone player and musician. He has this beautiful thick and warm wild tone. I asked him to come in for a couple of days to bring his magic to the shapes.”

“As time went on though, I felt the songs were still missing a voice. The more they developed as instrumentals, the more I could imagine the tones of Anna B Savage. I had already worked with Anna on her album in|FLUX which was a wonderful experience. She is a true poet of the everyday emotions. Over four or five days together in my new studio in Margate, the supershapes started to come alive!”

The captivating textures create this elusive environment, a world that delivers this vast percussive touch, building rhythms and shifting between Anna B Savage‘s stunning harmonies to Mike’s vocal melodies, both of which provide contrast and yet collaborate with this magical air. With the crisp beats and bold bass combined with the expansive woodwind elements, this intricate world consumes you. The bold take on the experimental elements fusing with the intoxicating melodies ultimately showcases the advantageous vision of Lindsay.

Others came on board too, including drummer Adam Betts, who Lindsay had seen play as part of Three Trapped Tigers, Squarepusher’s Shobaleader One, and his own Colossal Squid solo drum show in Margate. “I thought perhaps he could bring something to the shapes, which of course he did, weaving in and out of the sampled objects.”

Lindsay built the foundation of ‘supershapes volume 1’ at his 120-year-old dining table. Inspired by his wife Lily’s MA studies in fine art, Lindsay mulled over the idea that objects have memories and their own consciousness. 

“Who else sat round this perfect rectangle, with kids and hopes and friendship? / And who else smeared errant gravy off it with their fingertips?” sings Anna B Savage’s on the album’s third track and thematic guide “table”. From an ordinary household object appears a rich seam of history and emotion, the table given its own agency, and a century’s worth of secrets… 

Other influences included “contemporary productions like Foodman’s ‘Yasuragi Land’, a Japanese experimental manic scatter sample electronica artist who blows my mind. Kate NV: I love her bass sounds and twisted melodic rhythms. Also, I was listening to Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s ‘Keyboard Fantasies’” Lindsay continues. 

“This record is one that I’m very proud of,” he concludes. “I hope we can turn it into an incredible live experience with all of us, even just for a few special shows. I hope that people are immersed by the record and feel the journey. I hope that they give their own table some love.”

Mike Lindsay‘s new solo album ‘supershapes volume 1’ is out 14th June via Moshi Moshi Records. New single “lie down” featuring Anna B Savage is out now. 

supershapes volume 1 track list

1. lie down
2. ruins in reverse
3. table
4. pretender to surrender
5. kachumber
6. two blues
7. it’s all for you
8. do what
9. content
10. i was the thief

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