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Part Time Signals Releases New Single “Take Me For A Ride” – Out Now via Bubblewrap Collective  | Single Feature

July 4, 2023

Part Time Signals Releases New Single “Take Me For A Ride”

Out Now via Bubblewrap Collective 

Part Time Signals is the brand new project formed by Sock vocalist and guitarist Jacob Church. The band came together initially by taking demo seeds written by Jacob, which were then planted into a musical garden when introduced to a live band setting. Part Time Signals features the talents of Sam Barnes (bass), Gavin Jenkins (drums) and Michael Blanchfield (keys).

Back in April, we shared the debut single from Part Time Signals and immediately this excitement ensued. The energy of this outfit is remarkable and now the band have released their second single “Take Me For A Ride”. The single is out now via Bubblewrap Collective and was recorded at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, mixed by Sam Barnes and Al-Shakarchi. The artwork photo above is by Jacob Church with typography and layout by Rich Chitty.

“Take Me For A Ride” starts with this softer movement, sweeping the audience amongst the stirring stride, progressing with the spacious guitar rhythm and the melodic shuffles. Part Time Signals have the ability to commence their vision with a quick leap into this impressionable atmosphere, a world that crashes over the listener and creates a vivid landscape for their creativity. With the sincere and harmonious vocal notes gliding through the complex landscape and injecting this immersive and powerful quality into the mix, Part Time Signals showcase their strength. This release is accompanied by this wealth of imagery emitting from the tonality which allows this expansive connection to their ensemble.

As the exploration meanders through its compelling journey, the intensity heightens with the additional textures and instruments, carefully placed experimental hooks are explored and shift the direction to more courageous turns.

The bright energy we witnessed on their debut single returns once more, captured with clarity and painting the musicians in their best light, united and ready to mesmerise.



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