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Wandering Summer Set To Release Debut EP on Safe Suburban Home & Repeating Cloud Records Due July 7th | EP Feature

July 5, 2023

Wandering Summer Set To Release Debut EP on Safe Suburban Home & Repeating Cloud Records

Due July 7th

Celebrating the summer months with an EP release that will cement itself as the soundtrack to the freedom of the sunnier season, Wandering Summer finds itself days away from dropping their remarkable debut EP release via Safe Suburban Home and Repeating Cloud Records.

The noise-pop indie punk band hailing from Leeds are soon to become on of your favourite outfits. Described as fitting somewhere between the scrawled urban terraces and their far-out sunny green dreams. Once you embrace the debut EP in its entirety you can appreciate the elevated melodies and raucous touch of this dreamy yet abrasive collection. Present from start to finish is this vibrant, animated energy that cascades from the lyrics, the melodies, the tonal direction and the bright atmospheres’ that are explored throughout.

Wandering Summer was brought together by singer-guitarist Geddy Laurance in the backwash of the pandemic, with band members who sqwarked with experience from renowned labels such as Slumberland Records and Dance to The Radio records. Ged has drummed for Sarah and Slumberland records cult indiepunk favourites Boyracer, and has drummed, played bass and sung in oddball bands like City Yelps and Leeds slackers Wonderswan (on cult indie labels like Emotional Response, Odd Box, Dance to the Radio), whilst promoting mainly US alt-pop touring bands (The Umbrellas, Seablite, Jeanines, Sic Alps etc) at his DIY gigs in the Leeds area. Ged hooked up with guitar player Luke Wheeler (Take Turns) and drummer Jamie Deakin (Samsa, Lowpines) and bass player Niall Kennedy (Dallas Don’t, The Beckoning Fair Ones) to form Wandering Summer.

The 5-track EP simply dazzles. Opener Show Me The Way fuels this passionate movement when the piercing feedback soars through the soundscape and commences the release, breaking the immediate intensity to bring the musicians together and showcase their consuming melody from the get-go. A fast-paced fierce arrangement filled with fuzz, erratic yet euphoric guitar rhythms, punchy drum shuffles and this shifting intensity highlights the very quick turn to raucous chaos. The hypnotic cadence thrives on the compelling direction.

A New Mastery breaks the band out to adjust from the heavy atmosphere which came first and delves into this very detailed structure and proudly progresses through such catchy turns. There is a sense of freedom on this track which allows the musicians to flourish through their more aggressive elements. The track finishes with a triumphant exhilaration. Leading to this explosive crescendo. Filtering out frequencies as this psych-inspired lead rhythm plays out the final few bars conveying this very neat experimentation where this destructive stance burns into the hazy landscape. Kick In follows and does as it says, kicking in a more abrasive and fuzzier lo-fi fierce direction. Keeping the combative energy at the forefront of the next release where all musicians unite to explore the heaviness through the harmonic characteristics. The following tracks commit to exploring more vivid textures, and deliver countless hooks and their devouring touch. This air of innocence, tied with freedom seems to blossom throughout this EP, a theme of effortlessness emits from such strong compositions.

Throughout the journey, you encounter these harsher peaks, but the harsh detail is more of an expressive attribute to their complex yet ethereal deliverance. A rocky yet bountiful voyage of unbeatable rhythms and delectable vocals coursing this mesmeric melodic flow and unwavering eagerness. Glimmering psych pop attributes soar and keep the audience fixated on the prospering explorations.

Ultimately this EP captures this immense creativity which is bursting with celebratory energy, the power of this music and the connection from outfit to listener identifies this band’s passion and craft to deliver such zealous arrangements. Wandering Summer has captured this impressive array of glory within their recorded body of work. Wandering Summer can rejoice, this record is a masterclass in dream-pop indie perfection.

Pre-order the cassette EP now- https://safesuburbanhomerecords.bandcamp.com/album/wandering-summer-ep

Upcoming Shows:

August 1st – Leeds Brudenell with Even as We Speak and The Luxembourg Signal.

September 1st – Bristol Thunderbolt
TBC – Liverpool Outpost with Good Grief
15th October – Leeds Wharf Chambers with Swansea Sound




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