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Langkamer Release New Single “Hatchet” – Taken From Forthcoming Second Album “The Noon And Midnight Manual” due May 8th via Breakfast Records | Single Special

March 24, 2023
Credit Kieran Jones

Langkamer Release New Single “Hatchet”

Taken From Second Album “The Noon And Midnight Manual”

due May 8th via Breakfast Records

By now, our readers are very aware that Langkamer are destined for greatness. It comes as no surprise that we share their flawless new single “Hatchet”, a track that has been taken from the forthcoming sophomore album “The Noon And Midnight Manual” which is due May 8th via Breakfast Records.

The new single addresses some heavier themes, described as this pensive reverie is propelled by chugging cowboy riffs, thick with fervent fuzz. It’s dynamic and precise, an energetic earworm that will stay with you long after the final note has rung out.

Langkamer‘s singer / drummer, Josh Jarman, describes the song so:

The character in Hatchet was inspired by an old poet I once knew. Jim. He read me a poem about going to the supermarket with his wife, and how much of a struggle it was. His words really stuck with me. How difficult such everyday things had become for them. Even just getting out of a car. It was heartbreaking, the matter-of-fact way he spoke about it. He described looking at his hands and realising all of a sudden that he was old. That his whole life had flown by without him noticing. I was a young man at the time, in my early 20s and only just beginning to grapple with the idea of mortality. His words had a pretty profound effect on me.

Langkamer starts their new exploration with their defined crushing tonality, it’s bitty, it’s bold and it’s beautifully brash. Then the playful percussive swirls in and shakes the proceedings. Josh has the most distinctively charismatic vocal melody, swaying through the soundscape, providing this elevated course to the raw lyrical delivery. As the audience hooks to the melody, the soundscape explodes, crushing rhythms pierce through the track, and the electrifying lead guitar injects the world with this frivolous touch. The plodding motion of the release expands.

Langkamer creates the most compelling compositions we’ve embraced, each track draws the audience into this vision and allows them to fixate on the outcome, when “Hatchet” confidently explores the more courageous attributes during the fierce motion, the audience finds themselves drawn to the lyrics and when they suddenly end and the space is reintroduced to the world, you beg to be back in the visionary landscapes that Langkamer pen.

There’s a truly enthralling essence to this outfit, they have honed in on their sound yet still deliver such innovative, dynamic creations. Their back catalog can already be defined as legendary and to hear they are continuing to deliver such immersive new material, the energy of each musician refreshingly lures you in.

Langkamer are one of the most important acts, their ability to deliver such complex yet immersive arrangements consistently, simply sets this outfit apart. Their expressive landscape threads elements of fun throughout, lifting the heaviness at crucial turns.

“Hatchet” is taken from the outfit’s new album and the track is described as being a representative of the new album as a whole. It reflects the subtle ironies of Langkamer’s songwriting, reframing existential worries as major key singalongs. Applying an agile sense of weightlessness to themes of considerable heft. Tackling concepts such as depression, memory, imperialism, and suicide, this thematically ambitious album somehow never feels indulgent. Rather, there’s a sense of urgency and brevity here, with no element coming remotely close to outstaying its welcome. Even on faster tracks such as ‘The Hills’ or ‘Vanity Fair’, there is a sense of restlessness, a desire to try and make sense of the world within the structure of a pop song.

Working in a remote cottage on the North Yorkshire Moors, the band joined forces again with producer Tim Rowing-Parker. They nestled down for a week in this crumbling bungalow, drawing inspiration from the vibrant vistas of the wild, majestic coastlines and windswept hills. From vale to vertex, from vertex to vale, the result is an album that rises above its humble beginnings and encapsulates the band’s keen eye for musical detail. Each track tells a new story in its personality and production, a new vision of British wonder and woe.

At just twenty two minutes long, The Noon And Midnight Manual displays a masterful and meticulous sense of craftsmanship. Like a carefully painted miniature figurine, its minute details all come together beautifully to create a body of work far greater than the sum of its parts. It feels like there’s a mischievous spirit running through the album, something playful and nimble, dexterous and jocose, but ultimately unsettled.

The release of ‘The Noon And The Midnight Manual’ will be accompanied by a tour of France and Britain.

Live Dates:

April 26th – Toulouse – Le Ravelin

April 28th – Laval – La Fosse

April 29th – Saint Malo – Le Riff Magnetique

April 30th – Cherbourg – Le Ballon Rouge

May 1st – Vannes – Le Barailleur

May 3rd – Paris – Supersonic

May 11 – Bedford – Esquires

May 12 – Ipswich – The Smokehouse

May 13 – Portsmouth – The Loft

May 14 – Manchester – The Castle

May 16 – Newcastle – The Cluny

May 17 – Glasgow – The Flying Duck

May 18 – Sheffield – Sidney & Mathilda

May 19th – Brighton – The Prince Albert

May 20 – Manningtree – The Red Lion

May 21st – Southampton – Heartbreakers

May 23 – London – The Lexington

May 24 – Bristol – Strange Brew

Track Listing:

Sing At Dawn




The Hills

We Can’t Take Care Of Each Other

Sleepers Two


Vanity Fair


Pre-Order the record now- https://langkamer.bandcamp.com/album/the-noon-and-midnight-manual



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