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Show Dogs Release Second EP “Y Rhwd Gwelw” – Out Now Rose Parade Recording Co

March 25, 2023

Show Dogs Release Second EP “Y Rhwd Gwelw

Out Now via Rose Parade Recording Co

Back in November 2022, we shared the first EP from Show Dogs from their trilogy EP release. Last year the outfit detailed its plans to release three EPs throughout late 2022 and early 2023. Now we are delighted to share their second EP “Y Rhwd Gwelw“, which is described as a collection of songs reflecting on the state of being Welsh in 2020. It’s a personal reminder to stay alert, to question traditions and conceptions.

Our readers will be very familiar with Show Dogs by now, the outfit is composed of members of long-standing Cardiff stalwarts TJ RobertsRainbow Maniac and AHGEEBEE. And the musicians are described as melding acerbic observations of contemporary Welsh life with deeply personal reflections, set to a chamber-pop soundtrack.

The new EP release which is out via Rose Parade Recording Co, is made up of tracks “Tropical Republic”, the previously released single “Don’t Go In The Water” and finally “Show Dogs”.

Tropical Republic” is a consuming composition carefully created with a cadence of upbeat percussive elements and this surging electric guitar. The drum shuffles captivate and drive the release but the overall production quality of this track channels further affection into the world of Show Dogs. This outfit communicates emotions entirely of the moment through devoted lyrics and vocal notes. The structure bursts with intensive hooks throughout as the audience gravitates to the power of the vocal tones, the melodic harmonies grow and deliver this intoxicating arc throughout the composition. As the journey flows, the track leads to this explosive lead-guitar solo, a flirty and vibrant peak to this powerful arrangement. A marching motion brings every charismatic texture that braced the atmosphere to the forefront of the track, uniting with this surge of electricity and playing out the soundscape.

With “Don’t Go In The Water”, the vibrance of this outfit captures you from the get-go, a release oozing with countless hooks. The lyrics are so deep and positioned perfectly amongst the melodious instrumentation, delicate drum shuffles, and elevated tonality. Show Dogs effortlessly create this important creation that exudes a comforting, familiar warmth, a golden hue to their tones and harmonies, uniting a vital message to the reflective yet rousing textures of their ensemble. Every element emitted into the atmosphere showcases this outfit’s sheer vibrance.

Their single “Show Dogs” reflective of their namesake, injects this energetic course into the rhythmic exploration. Building this dreamy psychedelic-pop paradise. Every attribute melts into the landscape, an embracive exploration that expands and explores this vast force. The mighty cowbell, the compelling journey, the mesmeric bridge, it all lingers with this powerful touch, a track that adds impressionism and a lasting melody for the audience to fixate on.

Throughout the entire EP, through the organic textures and the warm tonal shifts of the collection, Show Dogs proudly captures this connectedness with their surroundings. It’s that awareness that sets this band apart, they’ve honed in on their emotive drive and buoyant delivery. This band weaves sincerity into their glowing landscapes, and the listener embraces the fabric of their vision with this effortless appeal.

The new record was engineered and produced by Thomas V Westgard and Secondson (Danielle Lewis, Super Furry Animals) at After Life Studios, with artwork from photographer Elijah Lewis Thomas and Ben Wood.




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