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Teenage Tom Petties Releases Double A-Side Single “Posters” / “My First Beer” – Out Now via Safe Suburban Home (UK) & Repeating Cloud (US)

March 24, 2023

Teenage Tom Petties Releases Double A-Side Single “Posters” / “My First Beer”

Out Now via Safe Suburban Home (UK) & Repeating Cloud (US)

Anytime we hear of a collaborative release between Safe Suburban Home and Repeating Cloud, we know we are in for something truly enthralling. Today, the two labels from across the pond celebrate the release of Teenage Tom Petties new standalone double A-side single “Posters” and “My First Beer“, both tracks are out now and streaming below.

With this standalone double-A side single, Teenage Tom Petties are described as drawing a line under their bedroom-jangle-punk era to usher in the full-band-jangle-punk timeline.

Following a successful world tour (well, the UK and US), and with new-found friendships forged across the Atlantic, TTP have remotely recorded just over three minutes of thrashed-out power pop that’s dripping in hooks and throwaway lines.

With Posters, Tom gives us one final tour of his teenage boxroom bedroom before flying the nest – bouncing off the walls as he goes. While My First Beer is 95 seconds of pure first-beer-buzz, all climaxing in a messy-as- hell solo before passing out in the garden.

In June of this year, the full band will be decamping to Big Nice Studio in Rhode Island to record the second Teenage Tom Petties album live and in-person. If, that is, the rest of the band can figure out the chords.

Posters” commences straight into its angular and lo-fi expressive arrangement, the wall of sound immediately welcomes the audience into the center of the fierce flurry. There’s a sincere magic to Teenage Tom Petties, it cascades from every attribute of this outfit, from the recording process, the vast melody of the vocal notes, the infectious energy, magic just oozes from their work and channels to lift the listener. That impressive alchemy is on offer for all to embrace through the new release.

This vibrance caught in the tonality and the off-kilter scales that pace this journey, it’s unique yet relatable. The tones exude a certain nostalgic manner that easily connects to all, there’s a real comfort absorbing the latest landscape by the outfit, and the warmth to the tonal shifts just dazzles. Through the elevated and compelling vocal range, the melodies reach out with this wistful impression which ultimately drives the exploration, this rapid track emerges itself as one of the most energetic and immense listens.

Alongside the new double a-side single which is streaming on Bandcamp, Teenage Tom Petties has released a video to accompany “Posters” – watch below.

As for the second track “My First Beer”, Teenage Tom Petties increases the intensity and the direction of the new exploration. The floating harmonies lace the atmosphere with a sense of innocence before the drum beat joins and there is a clear shift in the virtue of this voyage, the powerful driving guitar tones and complex low-end assist with the forcefulness of the vision throughout the exploration. Building up these hypnotic passages throughout. Towards the cathartic and explosive final notes, the piercing guitar hooks push through and add this fun yet aggressive overtone to the release. Whilst still capturing the lo-fi qualities that set this outfit apart, the release looks at this rich blend of alt-rock infused with pop structures.





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