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Art Moore Share New Single “A Different Life” – Debut Album due 5th August via ANTI-

June 14, 2022
Ulysses Ortega

Art Moore

Share new single ‘A Different Life’

Debut album out 5th August via ANTI – 

Art Moore, a new group composed of Boy Scouts’ Taylor Vick and Ezra Furman collaborators and bandmates Sam Duerkes and Trevor Brook, announced their debut self-titled LP last month which will be released via ANTI- on 5th August 2022. Their songs are composed like short stories, with each one functioning like a vignette, a window into an emotional circumstance. The electronic elements that guide Art Moore are subtle, but add distinctive shading to each story. 

It goes without saying Art Moore have been one of the best outfits to emerge this year and we are so excited for new music. Today, the three-piece share new single ‘A Different Life’ that uses a strobing synth pulse to shift the weight of the song dramatically from a heartbroken lament to something that bristles with the endless possibility that comes part-and-parcel with a breakup.

Harmony swoops into the focus of this atmospherical creation, as the sustained synth notes soar and the biting rhythm intensifies, the delicate vocal notes capture such fragility and emotional cadence, a pivotal attribute to this mighty composition. The woozy tonality works towards this influx in intensity, the instrumentation gains power and emphasizes the sincerity of the raw lyrics. The movement of the melody provides this addictive quality and leaves a lasting impression. When the composition concludes, you find yourself needing to be in the center of the immersive world once more.

“A Different Life was inspired by the experience of daydreaming up another version of your life,” Vick explains. “I can easily get caught up in the imaginary worlds in my head, overwhelmed by the endless possibilities and versions of me that exist within them. But I am most fascinated by the version just parallel to this one, the one with only a few differences or enhancements. This song is about the experience of longing for that not so far off possibility.”

Each song on the newly formed three-piece’s self-titled debut album is its own individual universe of bittersweet feeling: a brief snapshot of a moment in time that captures the fragility and occasional impossibility of human connection. The ten tracks that comprise the record are deft character studies, zeroing in on restless widows, shy beginners, jilted friends and friendly exes, chronicling minute moments — road trips, casual dates, games of truth or dare — with rich detail and subtle wit. 

The result is a world of remarkable emotional complexity, an album-length study of loneliness, heartache, and loss that’s sweet but never saccharine, sad but never maudlin. Featuring the inimitable songwriting of beloved Oakland luminary Taylor Vick of Boy Scouts set in sharp relief against lush production from Ezra Furman collaborators Sam Durkes and Trevor Brooks, it’s a quietly wondrous record — a set of songs that sketch out the struggle and beauty of coping with everyday life. 

Art Moore’s self-titled debut will be out 5th August via ANTI- Records

Pre-order here


1. Muscle Memory

2. Sixish

3. Snowy

4. Bell

5. A Different Life

6. Rewind

7. October

8. Habit

9. Something Holy

10. Inspiration and Fun 


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