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A Cheery Wave Records Releases New 23 Track Compilation “A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters: Vol. XI” – Out Now

June 14, 2022

A Cheery Wave Records Releases New 23 Track Compilation “A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters: Vol. XI”

A Cheery Wave Records have unveiled and released their magnificent 11th edition of the Cheery Wave compilation series. A brand new 23-track album featuring 23 bands and a prolific playlist lasting over 2.5 hours. The range of this record is something else, a truly immersive and enthralling experience from start to finsih, A Cheery Wave have curated a playlist with this impressive scope allowing a variety of influential outfits and their vast genres to unite.


  1. The Bridesmaid – Oates
  2. Din of Celestial Birds – Laureate of American Lowlife
  3. Juneau – Marrow
  4. Fort – How To Find Asteroids
  5. Sunlight Ascending – Multivac
  6. Gilmore Trail – Ruins
  7. Lost In A Detail – We Feed The Giants
  8. itlookslikeablackhole – What we Fear in the Dark
  9. YNICORNS – Riven
  10. My Education (featuring Dylan Cameron) – Emka Ultra
  11. Glasgow Coma Scale – One Must Fall
  12. Seeress – The Dream Passes
  13. SEIMS – Showdown Without A Victim
  14. Parachute For Gordo – Toucan Play At That Game
  15. La Jungle – Feu L’Homme
  16. Excellente Attitude – Not my dad
  17. Long Hallways – Forgotten Magic
  18. Liquido Di Morte – Uomo Fa Cibo
  19. We Stood Like Kings – Atlas Centaur
  20. YNICORNS – Hold (CD-Only Bonus Track)
  21. I Hear Sirens – Stella Mori
  22. Paint The Sky Red – A Light For Every Shadow
  23. WhyOceans – Inmost Dens Of Emilie – Part I
  24. LTDMS – Treize

Listen to the record in full below and be sure to pick up their CD release for their first double album.

The album is also available as a very limited-edition double CD – x60 copies in a hand-numbered, gatefold recycled-card sleeve, with beautifully vivid two-colour silkscreen printing by Richard Knox (www.slowsecret.com). Illustration by Imogen Amelia (www.hyperelbow.bigcartel.com). The CD version includes an exclusive track by YNICORNS not available anywhere else.


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