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Chiyoda Ku- ‘Not Listening’ EP Release Feature / Interview Special

March 1, 2015


We’ve fallen in love with an act that have truly captivated us in the past few months, going from strength to strength, the trio in the highly addictive and very unique, Chiyoda Ku have a rewarding future ahead of them. Having only been together and working as a united band in such a short amount of time, Charlie Barnes, Toby Green and Callum Oak are quickly making an admirable name for themselves. 2015 being the year their hard work is set to pay off. The Exeter based band are incredibly young, but that’s not stopping the three as they travel nationwide to play as many shows possible, introducing their refreshing experimental sounds to as many as they can.

March 6th, Chiyoda Ku will be self releasing their forthcoming 4 track EP ‘Not Listening‘, celebrating with an EP launch at Bristol’s Stag and Hounds alongside Memory of Elephants, Aulos and Lambhorn. Before embarking on a short tour to support the release with Memory of Elephants alongside. Chiyoda Ku are quickly gathering a reputation for their crushingly intense live show, one that’s as loud as it is satisfying (full dates below).

Not Listening is an intense listen, just 4 tracks showcase the musicians abilities to the fullest, an EP with dynamic percussion throughout, illustrious riffs and no boundaries. A typhoon of unruly math and alternating time signatures create a frenzied mix of By The End of Tonight esque sounds. Not Listening highlights a dirty tapestry of angular guitar textures and irregular rhythms that propel the EP’s 4 tracks forward at breakneck speed.  The clever trio deal in instrumental music that rarely finds itself drifting into the  Post-Rock world  and instead fire shots of riff-driven, tempo-twisting, rhythm-riding adrenaline into the heart of their sound leaving the listener engaged and needing more. The EP in its entirety captures the math rock style perfectly, at times the compositions can fade and become timid and shy but the band are pro’s at effortlessly changing the direction of their orchestrations, from a melodic progression you will soon be tapping your feet to the frantic, earth shattering heaviness that these three can produce.

This release has already made the cut for our Rad Releases 2015.

Not Listening Track Listing:

1. Neat Houses Huddled Around Dead End Streets
2. Philosophy Of Linguistics, Philosophy Of Linguistics, It Doesn’t Matter If You Don’t Know What I’m Saying
3. Someone Somewhere Knows What They’re Doing
4. It’s Good, But You Can’t Dance To It

Listen to the first track taken from the EP ahead of it’s release this coming Friday, March 6th, streaming below-

To coincide with the release we had the pleasure in chatting to the three to find out more about their inspiration, the recording process, what to look forward to on their forthcoming EP launch and more.

Before we get to the details of your forthcoming EP release ‘Not Listening’ due in March, we want to get to know more on you- Firstly introduce yourselves.

Im Toby, thats Charlie and he’s Callum.

Chiyoda Ku are praised for being a young band and being prided on your youth but how long has the band been established?

We started playing as a two piece in 2013, we were even younger then. Now we’ve adopted the great Callum Oak and Toby can almost grow a beard, then we’ll be a proper band.

During a recent interview with our friends in Cleft, you were described as ‘ definitely ones to watch for 2015, they blew us away with their abilities for a band that are so young’ we want to know what are your collective influences that shine through in your work?

Thats very nice of Cleft to say, I (Toby) bought a Bosh LP at Arctangent. It’s always at the front of the pile. Other things we are into at the moment are Go Go Penguin, Swans, Sigur Ros, QOTSA. We always listen to QOTSA.

What was that one single album or track that transformed your life?

Toby: Queens Of The Stone Ages, Songs For The Deaf. Just a cracker of an album. The drum sound and driving riff was and still is so fucking cool.

Charlie: I would probably go for Clench fists, Grit Teeth… Go! by ASIWYFA. I really like the riff at the end.

Callum: Turning On The Screw, by Queens Of The Stone Age. I really like the lyrics and meaning behind the song. The structure and vibe of it all.

On March 6th you are self releasing your flawless EP with a launch party at Bristol’s Stag and Hounds with Lambhorn, Aulos and Memory of Elephants. We would love to know the ins and outs on this release. Describe your writing process together/recording process and how you’ve managed to get to the point of this standout EP release.

We meet up for our practice and Toby comes to us with a riff on his Yamaha Pacifica guitar. We usually know if the riffs are going to work within the first 5 minuites. If it works and we don’t fall out we spend about 4 weeks recording little segments and then we piece it together.

In terms of the EP release, what was the passion/inspiration behind each track that made the cut?

Neat Houses Huddled Around Dead End Streets: Every time we drive up to Bristol we pass this big green supermarket warehouse, next to that theres loads of new houses that have been built, they all look the same, its all built for purpose. Its pretty scary that everything’s slowly looking the same, there’s the same shops in every city. Thats what this songs about.

Philosophy of Linguistics, Philosophy of Linguistics, It Doesn’t Matter If You Don’t Know What Im Saying: I mean, it says it on the tin doesn’t it?

Someone Somewhere Knows What They’re Doing: We just wanted to write a fast paced song that was a bit different to our other songs. We quite like it.

Its Good But You Cant Dance To It: We played our music to someone and thats what they said. But now when we play it we just think about everything we hate.

Has your complete compositions captured the visions you held?

Recording is Tricky, Its like fallowing a recipe, it always comes out differently to how you expected it to. Everyone has a slightly different sound in their head. We love it in some aspects and hate it in others. Like you said earlier, we’re still pretty young so we haven’t had an awful lot of experience recording. So this is our experience really, next time theres some things we’ll do differently and some things we’ll keep the same.

How would you describe your own sound?

This is a hard question to answer. We like to think our music has a lot of energy, and that people get as excited as us when they listen to it.

Who makes up the songtitles?

The general public, our song titles are mostly things we’ve overheard people saying, usually we hear it wrong too which just makes it more funny.

To us, you are another influential DIY act working hard to showcase your abilitles, you’ve chose to self release your EP ‘Not Listening” why is this important to you?

We’re still learning, and theres not a huge fan base that are going to buy it. It just makes sense to do it ourselves at the moment.

You’ve announced a UK tour with those lovely men in Memory of Elephants following the EP launch to support the release, what can we look forward to at the EP launch in Bristol?

The EP Launch is going to be sweet, theres lots of cool bands to look forward to. We’ve got some new songs to play, and toby might take his top off.

How would you describe the reception to your live presence?

We played to some 14 year olds in Exeter a while back, they all ignored us, But then we played in Bristol and people seemed to enjoy it, we got some nice words.

Is there a particular track that you all just love to play?

Neat Houses Huddled Around Dead End Streets, Its got loads of energy and its really fun to play.

What’s the strangest venue/atmosphere you’ve played too to date

We played a charity show in Exeter a while back to a group of 14 year olds, we were playing really loud and no one really even acknowledged us being there, there was no claps after each song. I cant remember why we were even there really…

We wish the best from the EP release and we know you’ve got a lot of great opportunities to look forward to, but for now enlighten us to what can we look forward to from you in the future?

Every 3 months or so we write a cool song or get a cool gig, so theres probably loads to look forward to.

And finally any last words?

No final words, but thank you for taking time to interview us.

Thank you all so much for your time with Circuit Sweet. We wish you all the best with the EP release, the live launch and hope you enjoy the endless opportunities that will soon be coming your way.

As mentioned, you can catch the men live at either their forthcoming EP launch or a few weeks later on their tour.

March 6th PROBO Titans #6: CHIYODA KU LAUNCH w/ Memory Of Elephants, Aulos & Lambhorn

Mar 25th, EXETER, Phoenix- Supporting Gogo Penguin
Mar 26th, LIVERPOOL, Maguire’s Pizza Bar
Mar 27th, NOTTINGHAM, JT Soar
Mar 28th, MANCHESTER, Dulcimer Bar
Mar28th, LINCOLN, The Scene


You can pre-order the EP now via their bandcamp page-

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