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Sea Change Shares New Single & Video “I Put My Hand Into A Fist” Ahead Of New Album out February 11th via Shapes Recordings

February 1, 2022
Photo credit: Simen Løvgren


Shares new single & video “I Put My Hand Into A Fist”
Album ‘Mutual Dreaming’ out Feb 11th via Shapes Recordings

With their new album ‘Mutual Dreaming‘ set for release Feb 11th, Norwegian artist Sea Change is sharing her new single and video “I Put My Hand Into A Fist” online now. 

Speaking about the track, Sea Change said “This is one of my favourites from the album. It’s about going through a transformation, from feeling locked-in in this restricted space, where you are supposed to move, and live and think and be. And finally breaking free from others’ expectations.”

And on the video, director Lisa Enes added “In conversation with Ellen, we touched upon subjects such as loneliness, isolation, tactility, the contemplative and the ceremonial. I wanted the music video to substantiate the artist’s introvert and dreamy universe, and to depict loneliness as the feeling of carrying a heavy persona. A persona that feels like a burden by day, but that comes to life on a dancefloor by night.”

This rivetting beat plunges into the depth of the immersive and sweeping textures which develop and progress throughout. The electronic elements collide with ease, layering up the sculpture and adding intricate break-out notes and tones. With the new release, Sea Change allows the sensitivity to soar throughout the colorful passages. Next week, Sea Change will release a euphoric record.

Music sometimes takes place in a world that’s more emotional than rational, less something you think about and more something you feel. That’s the home turf of the new album from Sea Change – Mutual Dreaming. With inspiration from the world of club music, another dreamspace where reality seems to slip, these songs come from a place where shadows of memories and feelings dance in the listener’s sub-consciousness. With its subtle, infectious sense of rhythm, delivered through fractured, hallucinogenic electronica, the music here moves through your body like a pulse, for a record that manages to be both enigmatic and elusive, and at the same time totally compelling.

Sea Change is the project of Norway’s Ellen A. W. Sunde. From her debut album, 2015’s Breakage, to her music today, her sound has fluctuated and mutated – from airy, atmospheric pop to bubbling, shapeshifting electronica, but her creative vision hasn’t changed. With whatever style she’s working with, she’s on a mission to push and stretch it into new shapes, to explore the fringes of what the music can become. Across three records, it’s made for a musical vision that’s adventurous, hard to pin down, and even harder to predict. And on the latest of those albums, Mutual Dreaming, that’s more the case than ever before, as she follows her feelings in painting an intuitive, impressionistic world that wraps itself around the listener.

Mutual Dreaming track list:
1. I Put My Hand Into A Fist
2. Is There Anybody
3. That’s Us
4. OK
5. Never Felt…
6. Night Eyes
7. Mirages
8. Mutual Dreaming
9. Rituals 


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