Modern Nature Share ‘Island of Noise’ Film – New Album Out Now on Bella Union

February 1, 2022
credit James Sharp 

Modern Nature

Share ‘Island of Noise’ Film

New album, Island of Noise, out now on Bella Union
– stream here

UK tour in May 2022

Modern Nature‘s new album Island Of Noise, is out now digitally via Bella Union, along with its accompanying film created by Jack Cooper and Conan Roberts“At the start of 2021 we moved to a small village near Cambridge and the idea for a film to accompany the album came from starting to explore the fields and woods around our house,” says Cooper. “One morning in January, I chanced upon a very barren field that was cut in two by a worn path. Standing in line with the path, the trees at the edge of the field cut the horizon in half and everything seemed to fall into place. For a few minutes I stood there appreciating the symmetry.”

“The idea for the film came together on the walk home, as I passed more scenes that struck me as having order amongst the ever shifting chaos,” continues Cooper. “As the weeks and months went by, Conan Roberts and I accumulated hours of static footage, all structured around the original scene. As winter turned to spring, a narrative emerged; the land regenerating and a country emerging from the pandemic. The idea was something to focus one’s attention on the music but I suppose it found a life of its own.”

Watch the visually stunning, simply refreshing film below, perfectly capturing the unique atmosphere the outfit carve within their arrangements.

Island Of Noise represents an absolute career highlight, combining Cooper’s celebrated songwriting and compositional skills with a free flowing expansiveness colored by British free music luminaries such as saxophonist Evan Parker, pianist Alexander Hawkins, bassist John Edwards and violinist Alison Cotton, as well as long term collaborators Jeff Tobias and Jim Wallis. 

Island Of Noise fits beautifully between genres sitting alongside (modern) classics like Mark Hollis’ Mark Hollis, David Sylvian’s Blemish, and Bert Jansch’s Birthday Blues. Like those, this is an album that may confound or challenge some, but will stand the test of time to those that open themselves up to Modern Nature.

Additionally, Modern Nature have announced news of an extensive UK tour running throughout May this year. Dates and info below:

Monday 2nd May – Lemon Tree – Aberdeen
Tuesday 3rd May – The Old Hairdressers – Glasgow
Wednesday 4th May – Trades Club – Hebden Bridge
Thursday 5th May – Future Yard – Liverpool
Friday 6th May – The Cube Cinema – Bristol
Saturday 7th May – The Rose Hill – Brighton
Sunday 8th May – Rough Trade – Nottingham
Monday 9th May – Sidney & Matilda – Sheffield
Tuesday 10th May – The Smokehouse – Ipswich
Wednesday 11th May – Cafe Oto – London
Thursday 12th May – Cafe Oto – London
Friday 13th May – Unitarian Church – Cambridge
Saturday 14th May – Hare & Hounds – Birmingham


1. Tempest
2. Dunes
3. Performance
4. Ariel
5. Bluster
6. Symmetry
7. Masque
8. Brigade
9. Spell
10. Build

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