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Baby Strange Release New Single ‘Under The Surface’

February 1, 2022

Baby Strange Release New Single ‘Under The Surface’

Baby Strange have released their new single ‘Under The Surface’, which serves as a first official taster of the band’s forthcoming second album, due out later this year via icons Creating Evil Art. It follows on from the surprise drop of ‘Midnight’ at the strike of midnight on New Years Eve. 

‘Under The Surface’ sets the tone for what is to follow. Mesmerising in its emphatic delivery with an impeccable blend of anthemic melody, melancholic riffs and a huge chorus that signals the dawning of a new era for the band. Speaking about the new single, vocalist and guitarist Johnny Madden notes: “Under The Surface is a song about feeling trapped and wanting to find a way out of whatever is holding you back. It’s about paranoia, dark thoughts and the need to get over them. It’s a powerful song for me, writing it was a total release and when we finished it in the studio I felt a weight was lifted from my shoulders”

Baby Strange creates these obsessive landscapes filled with ardent, angular riffs and this almighty energy that hooks the audience. Baby Strange delivers this new cut which showcases their enthralling commitment to their far-reaching structures and essential lyrics.

Destructive tones and this emotionally driven vocal melody which in tow, brings this array of affection into this crushing ensemble. Dynamic tempo changes and the most fierce drum shuffle, the complexity of the brooding bass note cementing the depth of the vast release. It’s raw, abrupt and utterly addictive.

There is an underlying rawness to the energy sewn deep into the fabric of Glasgow that Baby Strange have harnessed with an unrelenting force. 2021’s ‘Land of Nothing’ EP showed versatility in their songwriting and saw the band flowing between straight up punk rock anthems like ‘More! More! More!’ into the bass driven post-punk dynamics of ‘There’s Something There’. It propelled Baby Strange to a mammoth headline tour of the UK towards the end of the year which saw them packing out venues up and down the country. Last year saw a taste of the new era of Baby Strange and this year they’re set to show the world exactly what they’ve got. 

Johnny Madden (Vocals, guitar) 
Connaire McCann (Drums)
Aidan McCann (Bass)

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