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Clear Capsule Set To Release New EP “Gravity Licker” February 1st | Release Feature

January 31, 2022

Clear Capsule Set To Release New EP “Gravity Licker” February 1st via Mutation Records

Clear Capsule, the Los Angeles-based rock band, are set to release one of the most invigorating records of 2022 and then some. Their new EP “Gravity Licker” is due tomorrow, February 1st via Mutation Records, and is destined to enthrall.

The outfit is fronted by singer and guitarist Bryce Pulaski. Alongside bassist Leon Mosburg and drummer JJ Degen the group is described as exploring unearthly sounds through fuzz pumped guitars with shoegaze undertones. After their first EP Windowless Spaces released in 2018, the band gigged, opening shows for acts such as Spirit of the Beehive, Pile, and Sprain.  If this is your first introduction to the outfit, you are destined to be blown away.

The band are described as taking influences by futuristic mindscapes and sci-fi dreams, the group takes inspiration from the pitfalls of daily life. Transforming frustration and raw emotion into volume, they let the music create an escape and balance out the uncertainty of humanity’s outcome

The forthcoming 6 track EP is a sonically alluring yet earth-shattering collection of unruly creations that leave this lasting impression. Clear Capsule have this fearless approach to their arrangements and cultivates this monstrous landscape of boundary-breaking ensembles. “Gravity Licker” will consume you from start to finish, a completely immersive and irresistible journey that proudly displays eccentric songwriting and the explosive energy of the outfit. A heavyweight band about to release one of the most adventurous records destined to wreak havoc.

The release kicks off with opener “Collin Hit Car”, this warbling pitch soars and allows this array of visceral textures to emerge, layered vocal notes start to sculpt the volatile atmosphere before the fierce fuzz swoops in with the mighty drum kit, initiating the real complexity of this far-reaching ensemble. As the arrangement develops, adding layer upon layer of vast effects and rhythms, the progressive notions offer dramatic turns and a real nostalgic essence from early 90’s rock comparison. Clear Capsule have allowed the audience into their essential journey with this familiar and remarkable feeling bouncing from the vocal notes.

Following that mammoth opener, the following track abolishes the harsh atmosphere and allows the flow to start afresh, building this entirely refreshing world that still captures the daring outlook from the outfit. The soundscape intensifies with this sincerity which is present from start to finish in “Surface Dweller”. The lyrics just cut into the instrumentation and bring with it this harrowing raw emotion that cascades across the structure, it’s direct, honest, and challenging. Elsewhere tracks such as “Bacteria” allow the introduction of more experimental passages and effects with a nod to lo-fi attributes. Clear Capsule flirts with the growling fuzz and distortion and plays with, if not alters, the listener’s mood with their vast creations. They end the journey with this gritty, distinct, and vigorous tonality that emits from “Underpass”, this mighty track that continues to build on its core foundations and offer up this intense soundscape. When silence is introduced once more the audience will find themselves desperate to be back in the world that Clear Capsule has built and defined.

Notably, the production quality of this record should be highly commended, the musicians have this epic vision effortlessly captured with grandeur and power throughout the EP. Blazing through this obscure record, Clear Capsule have this relentlessness through their expressive explorations, unafraid to max out the intensity, the vigorous frenzy of their challenging tones and melodious passages. At times Clear Capsule offers this unpredictable voyage by allowing tender traits to emerge and slowly simmer within the chaos. A powerful EP.

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