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TV Room Releases Debut Single “Balcony” – Out Now via Sad Club Records | Single Special

December 1, 2021
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Discover the sublime sounds from Lucy Rushton. Today, the compelling artist releases their debut single “Balcony” out via Sad Club Records. London-based multi-instrumentalist TV Room is the moniker of Lucy Rushton, also known as the drummer for Deep Tan. Described as a fine balance of sardonic wit and tentative confessional lyrics, ‘Balcony’ is an anti-break up ballad and the perfect antidote to the post-break up blues, a “soft-boy queer anthem”.

TV Room makes this bold statement with a heart-felt, cutting ensemble. Filled with countless hooks from the range of vocal melodies on offer throughout, juggling sweeter tones with this piercing journey, reflective, intimate, and deeply personal. You can feel the range of emotions exuding from each word that makes up the powerful journey of this ensemble. Whilst committing to this lo-fi energy throughout, the power of the words and the harmony just bring a new lease of life into the arrangement. This rhythmically alluring structure enhances the intensity of the lyrical journey, whilst the instrumentation nods to this cinematic soundscape rich with softer textures and this addictive quality.

With this flawless new single, TV Room poignantly develops this harrowing voyage and solidifies herself as this potent, enthralling new voice, adding complex depths within their challenging vision.

Written as an unsent letter to someone Lucy couldn’t speak to at the time, ‘Balcony’ acts as a therapeutic release, using the track to process her own feelings. Lucy invites you into her raw and delicate ether, allowing you to take in every word: “songwriting to me is basically like therapy, in that it’s where I put all of the feelings that I struggle saying out loud. ‘Balcony’ is me sort of singing into the void, and processing and working through my feelings by myself and with myself, as opposed to placing that onto someone else in person.”

Written for herself as a subliminal message to the non-receiver, Lucy muses on the dilemma of speaking your heart or leaving it be: “It’s important to think about whether it’s self-fulfilling to just say everything you’re feeling to someone who you’ve broken up with, or whether sometimes it’s best to understand that they might not need that just because you do, and let them move on. It doesn’t stop you from wanting to get it out somehow though, so I’d recommend writing a sad song about it instead.”

TV Room echoes the etheric lyricism of Alice Phoebe Lou, as well as the understated instrumentation of Soccer Mommy, creating an instantly endearing lo-fi track. Lucy is influenced greatly by Cate le Bon and Adrianna Lenker, and “like any gay self-respecting songwriter”, influenced by Courtney Barnett: “Her double EP ‘A Sea of Split Peas’ is a major one for me. I’d also say Dry Cleaning, particularly lyric-wise, I love their deadpan humour.”

‘Balcony’ was produced by Joseph Futak at Hermitage Works and features Birdie Rushton on bass, Phoebe Crawford on violin, keys and backing vocals with Rushton (Lucy) layering vocals and guitars on top, and mastered by Charlie Francis. We originally mixed an early version of ‘Balcony’ that I recorded at home, and then Joe approached me a few weeks later asking if I’d want to take it to the studio to get the best we could out of it, instead of using my bedroom and my cheap 1 track interface version.”

TV Room is the moniker of London-based multi-instrumentalist Lucy Rushton. Drummer in post-punk band Deep Tan, TV Room is Lucy’s venture into an empathetic and intimate world. An honest storyteller, Lucy takes comfort in writing, using music as a means of confession and expression of vulnerability. Growing up in a small town near Manchester, Lucy used music as her route out of the town. Buying a £20 guitar from cash converters when she was 15, Lucy developed her amp-less sound on the landing of her parents home. Studying Popular Music at Goldsmiths University, she developed her sound amongst a scene of like minded musicians. Lucy has played in a multitude of bands, not least Deep Tan and Buggs, touring with the likes of Yard Act, Billy Nomates and The Big Moon.

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