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Emma Ruth Rundle Releases New Album “Engine Of Hell” Out Now via Sargent House – Album Review | Gavin Brown

November 30, 2021

Emma Ruth Rundle 

Engine Of Hell 

Out Now via Sargent House

Emma Ruth Rundle returns with her latest album Engine Of Hell, and it is a stripped-back record packed full of emotion, turmoil, and ultimately some form of catharsis with Rundle bearing her soul in a heartbreaking but hopeful way throughout. She makes no bones about the outpouring of emotions that pour out of every track on the album and this gives the songs a very human and very real edge to them.

Gone is the sound of her last solo album On Dark Horse, which had a heavier guitar-driven sound and it is replaced by a much more somber vibe that is completely stripped down with a much more minimal and quieter guitar sound here and the effective use of piano makes an appearance throughout to soundtrack the fragile yet strong vocals displayed. Engine Of Hell is Emma Ruth Rundles raw emotions laid bare and her heart poured out. This album is also a complete contrast to May Our Chambers Be Full, the collaborative album with Thou that Emma Ruth Rundle released last year but it demonstrates how diverse of an artist she is. Songs on the album like Blooms Of Oblivion, Body, Dancing Man, Razors Edge and the closing In My Afterlife, in particular, are brave and beautiful songs and show exactly why Rundle is so highly thought of as an artist.

Engine Of Hell is an emotional and tender listening experience and an insight into the troubles that she has faced in recent times and throughout her life but through her music, she has made it through, and in doing so remains an inspiration. This album isn’t an easy listen when you consume everything going on, but it is a very powerful and ultimately inspiring album, and one that Emma Ruth Rundle should be extremely proud of. 

Emma Ruth Rundle“Engine Of Hell” released November 5th 2021 and out now via Sargent House.




Words: Gavin Brown

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