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Karhide Release New Album “Abort” – Out Now | Album Feature

November 30, 2021

Karhide Release New Album “Abort”

Out Now

Karhide return with the release of their stunning third album “Abort”, which was released November 26th and is available everywhere now.

The new 8 track album “Abort” is described as an inward change for Karhide. The third album follows one year after the sophomore album “Erasable Assignments”, a record that was assembled under different circumstances, stated to have been composed under the influence of that particular mania caused by too many time zones, too many hotel rooms, and a world moving too fast around him.

Whereas the new record “Abort” is vastly different. Composed under lockdown in a world that simultaneously slowed to a glacial crawl, but changed more rapidly than any of us could have conceived, it’s a slow and demonstrably powerful contemplation of where we find ourselves in 2021, with every instrument played, performed, and programmed by Karhide.

Abort” starts with the intricate few notes that assemble the opener “Display Angles”. These sweet notes start to resonate, start to sustain with force, playing long and louder before this raw surge enters the ambiance and dynamically shifts the exploration into this moody territory. The crashing drum kit and cymbals accompany this fierce array of complex textures that express how vast the landscape is. Transfixed on the first ambitious ensemble, the audience is ready to seek out the adventure in front of them, as Karhide brings this compelling influence into the mix and hooks the listener ready for the rest of this voyage.

As Abort” flows from track to track, Karhide brings this wealth of challenging emotions into the forefront of the instrumentation. Emotion carries on the darker notes weaving through the gritty structure produced. Tracks such as “Ephemeris” and album closer “Restart” bring this deeper atmosphere into the journey. Bolder more chaotic compositions allure the audience into the center of their far-reaching tracks. Alternating this wealth of tone, from heavy, fuzz-laden, and frantic passages to sudden slower, hypnotic rhythms as featured in Switching Routines which also offers this contrast to the shimmering effects and brighter tones on display.

As we’ve stated before Karhide has a knack for creating vast lush atmospheres that play on well-crafted dynamic shifts and climactic crescendos. With “Abort“, Karhide delivers this intense and immense instrumentation. Gothic glades fuelled by deep crypts of darker notes and this unpredictable soundscape manipulated throughout, keeping the audience slightly shaken at the uncertainty of the album. Karhide captures a real essence of urgency within each ensemble, a truly mammoth record from this refreshing artist.

As well as digital download this release is also available on limited edition CD (limited to 50 copies) and cassette (limited to 25 copies. You can get your copy here: https://karhide.bandcamp.com/album/abort-2



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