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Tri-City Fanfare Release New Video For Single “Paradise” | Exclusive Video Premiere

November 29, 2021

Tri-City Fanfare Release New Video For Single “Paradise”

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Earlier in the year, we had the pleasure to introduce you to the sounds of the ferocious two-piece Tri-City Fanfare. The duo has this utterly intoxicating energy and their latest effort will consume you.

Tri-City Fanfare are a fairly new outfit consisting of musicians Shane Dixon & Martin Whittiker, the pair have been working together for some time but formed the band in the midst of a global pandemic. From their debut arrangements, it’s clear that this outfit are carving the road for their own authenticity. In just a brief introduction you understand that these musicians are creating meaningful compositions which are effortlessly engaging and will leave some impression.  We described the sound and tones of Tri-City Fanfare as the early raw Queens of the Stone Age sound, mixed with this injection of contemporary tones like that of Parcels.

Today, we are delighted to share their video for the new single “Paradise”. The pair unveiled their new single on November 26th and are now sharing their accompanying film, a true DIY creation from the outfit which captures their creativity and their emphasis on enjoyment. Watch the video in full below:

Paradise” commences with the gentle guitar rhythm, a cadence of upbeat percussive elements and this surging electric guitar. When the mighty drum fill emerges, the intensity ramps up and dynamically shift the journey of the track into a new direction. The power showcases this seamless surge and adds further complexity to the soundscape.

Tri-City Fanfare uses this array of warm tones and essential textures throughout their ensemble. Whilst still holding onto those organic textures and structures, the duo adds this refreshing experimental touch via the sample and experimental passages which add this explosive attachment to the arrangement. With the organic yet rich vocal harmonies clearly adding this immersive lyrical depth to the track, the lyrics entice the audience into the vision from this duo, which they flawlessly weave through the melodic movement of the instrumentation.

With the nod to this warm yet raw tonality throughout, Tri-City Fanfare produces this soundscape echoing the tracks title, “Paradise”. A place you wish to remain in, amongst the lo-fi sample, the perfect psychedelic phrases, the soft vocal serenade, the crushing and cathartic final breakdown, the bright force the pair hone into the composition.

In all, Tri-City Fanfare have crafted a track that emits such a clear vibrance, heartfelt and soulful, and simply addictive. You’ll need to hit replay on the video and emerge yourself into “Paradise” once more.

Paradise” is out now.




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