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YAY MARIA Releases Debut Single “Template” Ft. Franx – Out Now via Year Of Glad Records

August 15, 2021

Yay Maria Releases New Single “Template” Ft. Franx

Out Now via Year Of Glad Records

YAY MARIA (she/her) is a trans & queer musician hailing from Derby, deep in the hinterlands of the Midlands, with a few important things she would like to say. In 2020, while the world was shaken by uncertainty, Maria embarked on crafting an album, OYEZ,  fixed on making powerful affirmations. Taking on the vital role of an empowered outsider, she has a profound gift for spreading joy, love, solidarity, and challenging society’s entrenched power dynamics in favour of the power of the loving community in which she thrives.

At the tail end of July, YAY MARIA celebrated her debut single “TEMPLATE”, which was officially released 29th July alongside a new video.

Immediately these bright, vibrant textures sweep across the sublime soundscape and immediately form the alluring atmosphere of this creative ensemble. Uniting these sweeter tones with a raw vocal journey from YAY MARIA and Franx. The intimate lyrical notes add this emotional cadence to the kaleidoscopic composition, a volatile reflective world. Alongside the words, a maze of bountiful notes await, complex and consuming layers, perky percussive attributes, and this immersive fabric of electronic pop passages, prismatic tones, and a real insight into intimacy with the lyrical prowess of this arrangement. Harmonic, meaningful, and utterly moving. A real sense of personal beauty shines throughout this journey.

YAY MARIA captures this empowering movement within the new single “TEMPLATE”, powerful upbeat melodies colliding with this passionate lyrical journey. The rhythmic intensity collides with the vocal harmonies and offers this truly expressive movement. YAY MARIA is the artist we need to look to in order to embrace the best of ourselves. Managing to add that influence into her music is such a promising and dedicated skill to her songwriting abilities. Anyone can connect to this track, anyone can identify with the lyrics and find a relation in some way. The new single solidifies this crucial anthemic status for the arrangement, mesmeric in its entirety and showcasing the unlimited power of this artist.

“I think it can sometimes feel like there is a ‘template’ in life (school, marriage, children etc).

& for many that course of life is either unattainable &/or undesirable. So, it can feel kinda

scary not fitting in with that pre-supposed model. However, there is also something

wonderful & empowering about that too; particularly given that there are so many other 

queer folks out there who feel a similar way.”


Before embracing the YAY MARIA moniker, Maria has forged a storied and multidisciplinary path – as a filmmaker, a confident visual identity accompanies her sonic works – and is renowned in her niche for the hyper productivity of a true DIY ethic. In the process she has appeared in session for Huw Stephens, received national radio airplay, performed at festivals such as Y Not and Indietracks and garnered praise from Get In Her Ears, Louderthanwar and Backseat Mafia, releasing four flawless records with Grawl!x through Reckless Yes records.

This single, though, is released with the Year Of Glad collective, a young imprint and close knit family of creatives who worked with YAY MARIA on her charity release ‘ENDTIMESand a commemorative piece for Transgender Day Of Rememberance’ in 2020. The track, as with all of OYEZ, is made in the spirit of collaboration, produced with label mate and YOG founder Tom John Hall.

“The lyrics are kinda divided into three sections: childhood, adulthood & senescence.

I almost wanted it to be like one of those adverts that goes through a person’s life

 in 30 seconds!”


Completing the collaborative effort, Maria enlisted the help of FRANX, a queer artist & musician based in Nottingham to duet, adding a stunning and perfectly placed power-pop bridge and soaring harmonies. Artwork is created by local artist and zine creator Heather Rudd, along with an accompanying music video created by the 10pm Club & Laura Mi. 

“Since last summer for obvious reasons; it’s hard not to feel there’s a lot of toxic rhetoric 

being spread about queer & transgender folks. & that can make one feel like you don’t fit.

So I just hope that the song & the album can reach as many folks as possible who feel

a similar sense of being an outsider. & perhaps soon, we can all have a boogie together!”


The single & video for is out now via Year of Glad & is taken from the upcoming album ‘OYEZ’.  Proceeds from the single will be donated to the QTIBIPOC Therapy Fund; an initiative of the Radical Therapist Network, to create access for Queer & Trans People of Colour to safe therapeutic spaces & services; outside of systemic oppression. 




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