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French For Rabbits Announce New Album “The Overflow” out November 12th via Reckless Yes – Shares New Track “Ouija Board”

August 15, 2021

French For Rabbits Announce New Album The Overflow 

out November 12th via Reckless Yes

New Zealand dream-pop luminaries French for Rabbits have announced their upcoming record The Overflow will be released on 12th November, 2021. After sharing the title-track ‘The Overflow’ back in June, the band is now sharing the incredible second single, ‘Ouija Board’ with the world.

“Put your coat on, we’re entering the storm” announces Singer on new single ‘Ouija Board’. Arriving on the most superstitiously unlucky dates in the calendar year, Friday 13th August, their new single is a feast of harmonies, jagged guitar and majestic spooky organ that nods to both The Beatles and The Addams Family. Recorded by Jol Mulholland at The Lab, Auckland, ‘Ouija Board’ darkly pokes fun at hitting rock bottom, “there is nowhere else to go from here but up” she sings.

The accompanying video was created by long-time French for Rabbits collaborator and friend Misma Andrews, and two of Aotearoa’s most creative filmmakers Martin Sagadin (the artist behind many of Aldous Harding and Womb’s videos) and Ezra Simons. Shot on 16mm film and starring the magical and melancholic masks by Oamaru artist Donna Demente, parallel characters exist in both black and white and colour realities. ‘Ouija Board’ harks back to the Dada and Surrealist movements and draws inspiration from Derek Jarman’s film work, particularly the short film Shadow of the Sun. Director Misma Andews said “the video paints a scene where a fanciful but bureaucratic process for traveling through worlds is carried out.” 

The cymbal crashes and initiates the exploration’s remarkable proceeding with a grand crushing gesture. This prominent beat then marches the journey ambiance and is later joined by the angular guitar notes offering this off-kilter motion to the ensemble whilst the dreamy vocal notes emerge and add this stunning vast complexity to the release. Delicate harmonies offer this ethereal output whilst the instrumentation continues to each go down their own singular experimental route, which when united together simply adds this intoxicating vibrance to the arrangement.

When the dual-vocals come into the mix, the energy cascades across the soundscape and consumes the audience, vocal tones add this intimacy and expressive influence which wraps around the listener. The release flows with this elegance and adds these unpredictable turns when the intensity flutters between bright to calm.

French For Rabbits continue to craft these mighty ensembles radiating such affection. The second single taken from the forthcoming album and the release radiates this ambitious and alluring atmosphere. For years we’ve watched the progression of this outfit, their songwriting skills continue to leave us in awe. The ambiance they craft offers this vital energy and passion, French For Rabbits turn their arrangements into these must-experience atmospheres/ ethereal destinations.

The Overflow is French For Rabbit’s ​​third album and elevates the band’s music to new heights. The group, led by Brooke Singer, weaves dark and anthemic tunes around folk-pop hooks. Written and recorded mostly in 2020 in Wellington, Brooke says “the creation of our third album was very creatively freeing and intuitive. I really love what we’ve made. It’s my favourite record of ours. I think we found a middle ground between the complexity and nuance we love, and some more immediately accessible, big honest feelings.”

‘Ouija Board’ is available to stream and download on all digital platforms now, and The Overflow will follow on November 12th via Reckless Yes in the UK, Europe, and North America, AAA Records in NZ and Australia, and A Modest Proposal in Italy.




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