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Manslaughter 777 – “World Vision Perfect Harmony” Album Review | Gavin Brown

May 9, 2021

Manslaughter 777

World Vision Perfect Harmony 

Manslaughter 777 combines a whole host of electronic elements to create an unholy mix of audio assaults, all the while keeping it deep and with their album World Vision Perfect Harmony, they have achieved greatness with an always forward-thinking, at times hard-hitting but ultimately, a thoroughly listenable record with all manner of heavy breaks. With a lineup consisting of Lee Buford (The Body) and Zac Jones (MSC), Manslaughter 777 capture exactly how heavy and intense electronic music can be but the duo ultimately proves that this is an album for the head and soul with its powerful beats and soundscapes. 

Anyone expecting The Body meets MSC again (The two previously worked together on a collaboration album at the end of last year) will be surprised though because sonically Manslaughter 777 evoke sonics more akin to artists like The Bug, Venetian Snares, JK Flesh and the beats of underground hip hop legends like Cannibal Ox and Company Flow with elements of heady dub, manic breakbeats and head-splitting beats and the results are immense.

Starting with the gloriously manic haze of album opener No Man Curse and careering forwards, it is a no-holds barred collection of beats and rhythms that takes in so much. From the frenzied dub of Jump And Spread, the manic breakbeats of ARC, the dystopian vibe of I Can Not Tell You How I Feel and the pounding techno of Gainax, and onto the claustrophobic hip hop beats What Is Joke To You Is Dead To Me and the energetic but menacing Mag Tech, there is so much to take in and explore. 

As the album ends with the brilliantly discordant but ultimately uplifting Do You Know Who Loves You, you have encountered all manner of audio goodness with all of it probing how heavy electronic music can be but also how uplifting it can be.

World Vision Perfect Harmony is a varied record that has nods to a number of electronic visionaries and genres but one that has its own vision which is perfectly achieved throughout its duration and one you will want to let engulf you and listen to again and again and again. 

World Vision Perfect Harmony is out now via Thrill Jockey Records



Words: Gavin Brown

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