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Janette King Shares New Single “You Don’t Love Me”

May 11, 2021
credit Michael Oyaro

Janette King

Shares new single, “You Don’t Love Me”

Debut Album: What We Lost – June 25, 2021
via Hot Tramp Records

Montréal-based producer and artist, Janette King, is today sharing her new single, “You Don’t Love Me” which follows off the back of the DijahSB-featuring Consequence and Exclaim-tipped track, “Cool Me Down”. The new music comes as the latest preview of King’s forthcoming debut album, What We Lost which is set for release on June 25, 2021, via Hot Tramp Records.

Janette King · You Don't Love Me

Janette King fearlessly captures intimate tones and honest lyrics, capturing the deeply personal insecure thoughts and feeding the composition with that insight whilst layering the instrumentation with soul. Delivering the low with the high and capturing this complexity within their vision, simply outstanding. King once again delivers these crucially raw lyrical passages and showcases the expressive range within their tone. This sweeping soundscape delivers this crisp beat and rich textures.

What We Lost is an album – as alluded to by the title – that deals with change and loss but more importantly understanding and accepting it, knowing when to double down and knowing when to fold your cards. It draws on an array of wider themes and ideas that help to underpin these notions, digging into King’s understanding of energies and alchemy. This new single, “You Don’t Love Me” tells the story of feeling an absence of love from your partner, questioning what’s next and how that’s going to unfold. Produced by Jonny Tobin, it captures a mood of longing and sadness, one that sonically draws parallels to 90s R&B with squelchy percussion and funk-indebted electronica.

Speaking about the new single, King says: “This song was created from my own personal experience of being in a very hot and cold relationship. Continuously questioning if my partner still loved me and always expecting the worst every time we would hang out. It was like being on a rollercoaster. In the end, we broke up and it was for the best because in hindsight it was I who couldn’t fully love them.”

The complexities of loss are a tough, often impossible thing to try and comprehend. Through the prism of house, alternative R&B, and pop, the Vancouver-born, now Montréal-based producer and artist attempts to decipher some of these difficulties with What We Lost. King’s songs seek to tap into the frightening intersection where searing pain and sadness can produce soaring new heights for art whilst simultaneously unpacking changes in her life such as the ending of romance, the loss of close family members, and skirmishes with mental health resulting in, at times, a loss of self.

Recorded against the backdrop of the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests, the message of What We Lost only grew more intense for Janette; an album that gravitated around change and raw emotion found its message fortified by what was taking place around her. As a full collection, the album presents a wise-beyond-its-year maturity, arriving as something a little more experienced than the title “debut album” would normally suggest. It’s a statement from Janette King that, in a similar way to contemporaries such as Victoria Monét and Snoh Aalegra, fuses deeply personal assessments of life with glass-half-full soundscapes, establishing King as one of Canada’s surest new voices. This full body of work arrives following a run of tipped singles and EPs which have found acclaim in Canada earning support from CBC Radio, Exclaim, and Xtra Magazine, as well as opening sets for Sudan Archives, CupcakKe,and Jamila Woods.

What We Lost will be released June 25, 2021, via Hot Tramp Records – preorder here.

Janette King
What We Lost
June 25, 2021
via Hot Tramp Records

1. Airplane
2. You Don’t Love Me
3. Mars
4. Unconditional
5. Cool Me Down
6. What We Lost
7. Right Here
8. Change
9. Mirror
10. Caught in Smoke
11. Ohh Yeah
12. Found a Way

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