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DEADLETTER Release New Single ‘Fall of the Big Screen’

January 23, 2021
Photo credit: Alessandro Raimondo


Release New Single ‘Fall of the Big Screen’

Hailing from Yorkshire, now South London rooted, DEADLETTER channel the droll fury of The Fall and the lopsided rhythm of Gang of Four into a strain of vehement post-punk, exploring the darker side of existence through a lens of narrative-driven levity. 

2019 saw the band emerge as a genuinely thrilling live prospect, showcasing their brand of chaotic hedonism across the country supporting the likes of Squid, Viagra Boys and Avalanche Party.

Art credit: Jack Laver

2020’s debut single ‘Good Old Days’ was a clear stylistic marker of the band’s vision and received both regional BBC and 6Music play, as well as being added to 6Music’s ‘Introducing’ playlist alongside the normal A, B and C list.  Follow-up single ‘Fit For Work’ received both regional BBC and 6Music play from Steve Lamacq and Tom Robinson.  The track was also made Huw Stephens’ “Tip of the Week” on Radio 1, and a live session of the track was also played on his Introducing show on Radio 1.

Of new single ‘Fall of the Big Screen’, frontman Zac Lawrence notes:

“As streaming services became household names, there was little doubt in anyone’s minds that they were the future. Thousands of films, documentaries, and series alike, right there at the click of a button. No more will the cinema be regarded as the entertainment giant it once was. Just like its’ musical cousin, the independent venues that hold big screens and popcorn machines are slowly but surely evaporating. Who needs to make the choice and effort of how and when to be entertained, when Mr Bezos and Mr Hastings have presented you with all you can ask for from the comfort of your own living room? We have swapped theatrical experience for ease of access.

We are being sold free choice at the click of a button when in reality our options are shrinking as monopolistic corporations haunt every item of consumption, as we are algorithmically given a narrow margin of preference which blinds us to any true alternative. The Fall of the Big Screen is imminent, and this is our cry of understanding.”

This heavenly melody becomes the essential repetitive movement in this remarkable track. DEADLETTER have crafted this flawless dynamic rhythm and melodic wave which loops throughout and emits this addictive essence at its core. Angular notes blend into this colossal soundscape with the addition of boisterous beats and this infectious energy. A wordsmith that shares the monumental soundscape with the defiant tone and the daring intense instrumentation whilst lyrically pulling you in and embracing this ferocious infliction. This track solidifies the promising work of this enthralling act. DEADLETTER has created the ultimate anthem of our time.

Fall of the Big Screen was produced by Rhys Downing and mastered by Pete Maher.

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