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Nervous Twitch Set To Release Self-Titled Album 29th January via Reckless Yes | Album Feature

January 23, 2021
Roz Doherty

Nervous Twitch Set To Release Self-Titled Album 29th January via Reckless Yes

Leeds three-piece Nervous Twitch are kicking off this new year in their own style, with some much needed energy with the release their surf-rock punk-pop packed self-titled fourth album on vinyl, CD and digital via Reckless Yes on 29th January. 

Following on from singles ‘Keeping Faith in Something’, ‘Tongue Tied’ and ‘Alright Lads’ the Leeds-based three-piece are described as a brilliant blend of fuzzy, cranky punk, surf-rock tinged riffs, and melodically catchy ‘60s girl group refrains. Think Ramones meets The Ronettes and you’ll be close to the sound of Nervous Twitch

The band reissued their first three albums (2015’s Get Back In Line, 2016’s Don’t Take My TV, and 2017’s I Won’t Hide) to digital streaming over last summer with Reckless Yes before new singles taken from the album along with accompanying bonus tracks. 

The forthcoming 12 track album is destined to move its audience and connect to so many. Nervous Twitch has captured their authentically raw and dynamic vision throughout their latest must-hear record. This raw attribute becomes the prominent feature of their monumental creation as they embark on this vast journey providing ferocious tracks filled with astounding lyrics and vital stamina.

From the first note of their album opener “Count Your Blessings“, Nervous Twitch dominate, this boisterous tone comes into play and bounces off the expansive wall of sound instantly created by this impressive act. The fuzzed-up atmosphere welcomes the abrasive and amplified instrumentation as they lead the way before the demanding vocal harmonies attack the audience. Hyde’s consuming lyrics are delivered with such confidence and impressive force that you embrace and follow every single word and take in the notes being reached.

This audacious effort continues throughout the remaining 11 tracks that follow. Tracks such as “Oh So Keen” and “Don’t Blame Me” focuses on the direct vocal style and dynamic break downs which assist in the powerful projection. The musicians focus on these rhythmic break downs which dramatically cut the dense atmosphere before surging guitar rhythms and biting momentum evolve.

Not Everyone’s Out To Get Me” substantially slows the momentum, breaking the intensive flow that came before. But this in turn focuses the severity of the outlook. “Keeping Faith In Something” opens with this addictive synth passage which mirrors some of the early years’ influences mentioned above. This complex addition to the record brings in it’s own element of fun. “Alright Lads” emits this original and precise drumming style which moves the arrangement whilst this crushing melody soars.

The album captures this progressive yet essential energy. Whether it’s the compelling bold riffs or the rolling rhythms. The use of these synthpunk attributes is key to this bands’ super tunes. Underlying angst and punk beliefs push through this entire record, the self-titled album reflects a band that has plenty of ammunition and a voice that needs to be heard. Nervous Twitch utilizes their no-nonsense persona and infuses their instrumentations with their fearless nature, raw riffs, elements of fun, infectious hooks, and consuming vocal notes. Their vision all accents one another and the catchy harmonies harness the listeners’ focus.

Respectfully their fourth album but this record highlights an outfit that understands the strengths and focus of each musician, their creative processes align and together they work effortlessly to deliver pelting tracks with an imperative message. They know when to give each other space when to let the rhythms take center stage, when to ramp up the needed intensity and when to focus solely on the daring tone.

Released on limited edition cream vinyl, CD and digitally you can pre-order via Bandcamp here: https://nervoustwitch.bandcamp.com/album/nervous-twitch 



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