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Micheál Quinn Shares New Single ‘More’ + Debut Album Announced

December 4, 2020

Micheál Quinn Shares Debut Single ‘More’

Debut Album Announced

Over the years, we’ve featured the impressive work from Micheál Quinn, be that with his work in Enemies, Meltybrains? and Dermot Kennedy. Now the artist has impressed us once more, this time with his solo efforts.

Micheál Quinn has been heavily involved in the Irish music scene the past decade. After years of creating songs & ideas in the back of the bus, in green rooms, his bedroom, or hotel rooms around the world,  Quinn finally found the downtime to gather up all of his own work and start making sense of it. 

Micheál Quinn will be releasing his solo full-length album entitled ‘Colours’ due for release early next year. We are delighted to share the second single taken from the album, entitled ‘More’. The single is a tribute to Micheál’s auntie who was a big champion of his love for music and the pursuit of making it his life. 

I was on tour with Enemies in 2016 and while we were away, my Auntie passed away. I was very close with her. As I couldn’t go to the funeral, my Mother asked if I had anything I wanted to share for the funeral. I sent this piece of music, which was originally just the first minute of the song, and it was played in the church during the funeral. 

“It was originally a short instrumental piano track. Over a couple of days/nights in Stockholm on tour with Dermot, I added the whole beat section to the song. Then, during the lockdown in March 2020, I was working on finishing the music and toying with adding lyrics to tracks. I wrote a short poem about my relationship with my Auntie after her passing.  Musically, it battles with the tension and sudden changes life can bring. No warning, straight in.

‘I’ve seen between the seams
Wondered what life means
I’ve seen you in my dreams, 
I wonder what it means’

Today, December 4th the new single “More” has been released and you can find that streaming in full below:

A heavenly vision from a talented multi-instrumentalist. Gentle keys resonate in this delicate atmosphere, the fragility of the first few notes feels so crucial to this emotive attachment to “More”. Then Quinn starts to layer up this intricate ensemble, adding in layer upon layer of immersive electronica elements, additional noises and soft vocal harmonies sweep across the orchestration before the intensity of this track ramps up.

Swirling passages of deep rhythms and enveloping electronic attributes assist in this chaotic, compressing composition. This dynamic track provides a contemporary essence and a surprising journey. The audience finds itself so wrapped up in the complexity of this composition before Quinn unexpectedly breaks that intensity and alters the movement of the exploration back to the first few fragile notes. This explosive track delves into the deeper progressions before flawlessly jumping back to focus on the alluring ambiance and back to the chaos once again. Within the madness of the enthralling sounds and the dense layers, we can see the madness of life being mirrored into this track. This immersive track embraces electronic elation and a soulful melody.

Keep an eye out for more info about Colours due in 2021




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