Shout Louder Presents: Papercuts – Gigs, Festivals & Tours – New Book Fundraising for Music Venue Trust

December 5, 2020

Shout Louder Presents:


Gigs, Festivals & Tours

New Book Fundraising for Music Venue Trust

PAPERCUTS is a 200-page paperback book celebrating live music, made in support of the Music Venue Trust #SaveOurVenues campaign and available to pre-order now ready for pre-Christmas delivery.

Shout Louder’s latest book, PAPERCUTS is a must have for all the gig-goers missing their usual world of live music, gigs, festivals and all round adventures. The book features fiction, essays, anecdotes, artwork and photography from more than 50 musicians and fans.

In the absence of live music in 2020, PAPERCUTS aims to celebrate the gigs, festivals and tours that we’ve shared in years past. Shout Louder asked contributors to write about what live music means to them, and to share stories of events that have stuck in their memories. The collection runs the gamut of grotty tour vans, sweaty basement shows and festival antics, with trips as far afield as Los Angeles, Tokyo and Argentina.

Every story is as relatable as it is unique: a celebration of the unusual moments that always seem to happen on the road, and the ubiquitous energy that unites us at every live show, no matter the genre or the location.
100% of profits from the book’s sales will be donated to the Music Venue Trust. Even before the pandemic, iconic grassroots music venues were struggling to keep their doors open.

MVT works tirelessly to gain recognition of the cultural and economic importance of these venues, working directly to preserve and improve venues, alongside influencing government policy on live music.

We can’t wait to delve through these pages and enjoy everyone’s contributions as well as reminisce about our own chaotic moments on the road. Be sure to pre-order your copy now and help this vital organisation.

Buy PAPERCUTS online:

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