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The Byker Grove Fan Club Share New Single + Video “Cake Shop”

December 4, 2020

The Byker Grove Fan Club Share New Single/Video “Cake Shop”

Discover The Biker Grove Fan Club, not only is the name somewhat iconic but the band are contenders for your new favourite act. The Biker Grove Fan Club have dropped their new video and single “Cake Shop” and immediately you can understand the importance of this trio.

This intriguing air surrounds this three-piece, the trio have created this unique and compelling sound that intensifies and emits attitude at its core.

The debut single “Cake Shop” opens with an immediate impact, a big beat, angular tones, scratchy notes, and deep textures. Thick guitars fill the atmosphere with the monstrous bass lines, there’s this biting intensity that consumes the aura of this powerful track and the crashing drum kit. Confrotonational vocals from a dynamic wordsmith hypnotize, mixing these abrupt lyrics with surges of aggressive screams, the intoxicating attitude assists with the immersive orchestration.

Whilst the musicians maintain this crushing soundscape, the tracks’ journey exudes this unsettling essence as the boundary-pushing outfit meander through their own unique devastating doom. This is a raw band, they’ve captured their raucous power perfectly with their new arrangement.

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