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Foliage Releases Self-Titled Album Out Now Via Dowd Records | Album Feature

November 29, 2020

Foliage Releases Self-Titled Album Out Now Via Dowd Records

For the last six years, Manuel Joseph Walker was one of indie music’s best-kept secrets. Known as a teenage production prodigy obsessed with jangle pop and hip-hop, his early releases catapulted him from a local DIY mainstay to favorite among bloggers and fans worldwide.

Now the artist has four albums, several tours under their belt, and millions of streams later – and Foliage are poised to become breakout stars- easily one of the most compelling artists.

Walker returns bigger and more confident than ever, making his debut for Dowd Records, incorporating new influences ranging from Drum-N-Bass & IDM to Shoegaze & Bossa Nova, and writing his most personal lyrics to date. Walker’s forward march is descibed- in sonic maturity and personal growth- should place him on any music fan’s radar of exciting young talent that needs to be paid attention to.

On November 6th of this year, Foliage finally released the highly anticipated 9 track record and the outcome is simply intoxicating.

The new record effortlessly captures Foliage’s intense creativity and ability to fuse various genres into something uniquely his own. The record oozes emotion and appeal as it continuously changes shape and mood. Utilizing the unique blend of bedroom pop/ dream pop/ and electronic experimentation. Foliage swings between moody to dreamy. Raw lyrics convey the power of the emotionally enriched driving force of Foliage.

As the 9 tracks flow from each composition to the next, Foliage showcases a sweeping soundscape. The album is an onslaught of dextrous textures, twinkling notes, abrasive drum hits, and moody tendencies. Lustrous vocal harmonies captivate as the artist delves into this dark sonic void whilst manipulating the electronic elements. Pulsing groove-laden rhythms challenge the album’s atmosphere as Foliage controls the intensity of the rhythms, at times there’s a shifting focus on the minimalist effort before the aura alters to provide a consuming crushing change.

Foliage manages to capture both an essence of reflection into his creations and there’s a feeling of a certain freedom. This record exudes some kind of life-affirming melody found in the dreamy notes as each orchestration captures an expansive and complex wall of sound. Razor-sharp elements whirl around you capturing the audience within its fierce and impetuous rhythmics.



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