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Fins N Tins Release “Another Day/ Yeh” – Final Installment Of The Safe Suburban Home Cassette Series Due December 4th

November 27, 2020

Fins N Tins Release “Another Day/ Yeh” – Final Installment Of The Safe Suburban Home Cassette Series

Safe Suburban Home’s limited edition cassette series returns with its final installment for 2020. Next week, December 4th, the label will release the physical new 2 track cassette release from Swansea based surf-rock band Fins N Tins.

This year the label has focused on these limited run monthly releases and have created physical artifacts for the most exciting new acts including Pool Sharks, CowgirlSuperlove, Kimber and now they wrap up the year of releases with Fins N Tins.

Safe Suburban Home is instrumental in providing and promoting some of the best artists in the UK right now. These releases are vital and quickly sell out during their limited cassette runs. Once again Safe Suburban Home has introduced us to an act that can completely adjust your mood, an act that has the ability to provide such warmth with their releases.

Fins N Tins are described as providing music with summer vibes and a rebellious edge. Their music is both a reflection of their life and a potential route to the life they want to live.

The band consists of Maxwell Ker (lead guitar) and Gareth Gray (bass), Jacob Roberts (guitar, vocals) and David Beaumont (drums).

With time to pre-order your physical copy of their new release, digitally you can experience the Fins N Tins charm now.

First track “Another Day” begins with some smooth guitar notes and an addictive whistle tune before the delicate vocals join the mix. In the madness of the world, it’s so refreshing to hear a band that is here to uplift you. These soulful, enchanting and feel good orchestrations will captivate. “Another Day” showcases the band’s ability to create a track enriched with its own unique surf rock vibe. This atmosphere has been crafted with the purpose to slow you down, their mellow intensity focuses on calm melodies, laid back guitar licks, and focused guitar crashes. Fins N Tins pull you into their world and they slow you down. You take each note in your stride, you focus on the dynamic tracks that exude textured tranquility.

Then “Yeh” follows and once more you embrace the atmosphere gently crafted and maintained throughout. The lyrics resonate a real feeling of melancholy, relatable and raw, yet mixed with the melody once again their outlook carries its own enchanting essence.

Be sure to pre-order your cassette copy now –

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