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LT Wade Shares New Single “Heading West”

November 29, 2020

LT Wade Shares New Single “Heading West”

Following the release of his 2020 album Requiem For The American Dream in April amidst the global pandemic, LT Wade now shares a new single, reflective of these strange times, titled ‘Heading West’.

LT Wade explains that… 

“I wrote ‘Heading West’ in the first few weeks of the Pandemic. We had been locked down in New York, and psychologically we were all feeling a little frayed from everything happening just outside our window. I began to look back at a time before the pandemic and the things we had taken for granted. I had my rose tinted glasses firmly affixed, looking back on my time living on the West Coast. At that point California hadn’t been affected by the Coronavirus as badly as we had in NYC. The idea of going back, escaping our current fate, and running away from our troubles was the fundamental idea behind the song. With the retrospective lyrics I wanted to mirror that in the style of the song. A throwback in style and instrumentation. I looked to achieve the “band in a room” sound. The irony being that I couldn’t actually get a band in a room because of the stringent lockdown measures. I went for a sound reminiscent of an early Neil Young song.”

LT.Wade has conquered a sublime hit, enriched with real and raw lyrics, stunning instrumentation that heightens the intensity of this standout release.

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