Anna Meredith shares video for ‘Killjoy’ taken from Mercury shortlisted ‘FIBS’

July 29, 2020
Credit: Gem Harris

Anna Meredith

shares official video for ‘Killjoy’ 

FIBS shortlisted for Hyundai Mercury Prize 2020

Anna Meredith shares the official video for her new single ‘Killjoy’, lifted from her highly acclaimed album FIBS. Meredith also shares the news that the album is shortlisted for the 2020 Hyundai Mercury Prize, taking place in September. 

The video for ‘Killjoy’ elevates the joyful off-kilter colours of the track, humbly and skillfully directed by Meredith’s long term collaborator Ewan Jones Morris. The band roll and dance in flowing lines before snapping into unison following the choreography of David Ogle – all framed by a circle of GoPros. 

Meredith says on the track “I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do a dance routine video and always had in the back of my mind that Killjoy – with lead vocals by my amazing drummer, Sam Wilson – would be the perfect track for it.”

“I knew it’d be a huge ask as (in case it’s not obvious) NONE of us are remotely trained or even (booze pending) willing dancers but we worked with brilliant choreographer David Ogle and he made something so much more cool and ambitious than I expected which meant we had to practise together every moment we could.”

The release comes as Anna’s just been named the mentor for Manchester composer Carmel Smickersgill as part of the all-new ‘Rising Star’ Ivor Novello Award honour, for which Anna herself won the Composer Award for Innovation last year. 

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FIBS is no “Varmints Part 2” — the retreading of old ground, or even a smooth progression from one project to another, just isn’t Meredith’s style. Instead, if anything, it’s “Varmints 2.0”, an overhauled and updated version of the composer’s soundworld, involving, in places, a literal retooling that has seen Meredith chuck out her old MIDI patches and combine her unique compositional voice with brand-new instruments, both acoustic and electronic, and a writing process that’s more intense than she’s ever known. Despite Meredith’s background and skills these tracks are no academic exercise, the world of FIBS is both overwhelming and intimate, a journey of intense energy and joyful irreverence. 

FIBS, says Meredith, are “lies — but nice friendly lies, little stories and constructions and daydreams and narratives that you make for yourself or you tell yourself”. Entirely internally generated and perfectly balanced, they can be a source of comfort and excitement, intrigue and endless entertainment. The eleven fibs contained on Anna Meredith’s second record will do all that, and more besides.

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