June 21, 2020




Breaking the silence of quarantine with a bewitching return that chimes with these times of crisis, ‘Emergency’ is another cinematic  masterclass in NYC noir from the rising Brooklyn duo. 

Reverberating with the shadowy synth-pop echoes of Polica or Purity Ring and drifting with the spaciousness of The XX, the new track is equal parts melancholy and menacing, harrowing and haunting. 

Centered around Kalen and Greywolf’s aloof vocals that exchange in icy duet as if from a distance, ‘Emergency’ unfolds with a knife-edge atmosphere that crackles and hums like building static. “I hear it coming, it’s an emergency. I feel it growing, but it won’t let me be” sings Kalen, the lyrics of ‘Emergency’ alive with a twitching paranoia and the foreboding sense of doom precedes an encroaching storm.

This latest cut, ‘Emergency’, follows fellow 2020 single ‘Newer Light’; with the pairing of tracks together signalling the first new material from the band since 2018’s breakthrough release: the ‘Countdown’ EP.

Comprising of Kalen (vox, synths) and producer/instrumentalist Greywolf, Death By Piano channel the ageless trip-hop atmospherics of Massive Attack and Portishead via the pristine Future R’nB aesthetic of their US contemporaries such as Phantogram or Polica into an immersive and invigorating darkwave sound of their own curating.

Nurturing a grass-roots following on the underground of their native New York since their formation in 2017, their relentless live gigs around the city and head-turning showcase sets at Rough Trade NYC and Elsewhere have marked them out as one of the city’s most prominent emerging talents. 

The new single embraces the textures that Death By Piano craft. Loaded layers and stunning harmonies within the vocals carries this track to a new level. Electro elements and bold lyrics consume the listener throughout the arrangement. A sultry synth-pop hit!

The new single is out now on HI4HEAD Records

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