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June 21, 2020


Band Share Debut Single & Video “Braying (Pt.1)” 

Introduce yourselves to Leeds/Bradford based band Too Much Future. The band have unveiled their debut single of foreboding rock catharsis, “Braying (Pt.1)”. A stealthy dose of knotty, artful pop-rock, the track teams wiry, discordant guitar riffs with Owen Brinley’s unmistakable expressive vocals, teetering on the line between sorrow and rage.

Too Much Future are a group of disparate musicians from Leeds/Bradford, West Yorkshire. In 2016 Owen Brinley had all but decided to give up on music, yet the mind kept turning and bringing new ideas – stripped of any adornment, back to the bare bones. Through the twists and turns of following years and an extended battle with chronic pain which informs many of his lyrics, a writing partnership with guitarist & artist Ben Holden was forged.

After a long search to complete the line-up, in 2018 they were introduced to drummer Joe Montague and bassist Anthony Ord by mutual friend and producer, James Kenosha. In the basement studio of an abandoned chapel in Leeds, they arranged their equipment in a circle and set about honing an album of tracks from minute one. When it came to recording, nothing was moved and they cut the album live in that exact formation – with as few takes as possible committed to tape.

‘Braying (Pt. 1)’ is a short, sharp introduction to the band. The video was made during the first month of Covid-19 lockdown – individually shot on iphone, with art from guitarist Ben Holden.

Such a promising new act, capturing their energy and powerful lyrics found within their bold new debut. A strong single which captivates from the first note, anthemic lyrics hook the listener, the momentum heightened with the abrasive instrumentation. The strength of which is portrayed with the resilient flare of driving beats and sweeping guitar.

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